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I Just Dont Know Anymore

I started my first cycle of Test-C/Deca last summer. I ate and trained till I threw up, everyday. I gained about 20lbs of mass and was able to keep a good amount of size throughout my PCT. Shortly after my PCT I got into a really bad car accident that left me lying in the hospital bed for 4 weeks straight.

I have now reached a point where I have lost all my gains from the cycle and more. My leg is casted from the knee down so running, squats, deadlifts, etc are out of the training routine for the next 3 or 4 months.

I gained a considerable amount of fat while bulking on the cycle, fat which I feel is still sticking around as I continue to lose muscle mass. So by taking all these things into consideration, what do you guys think I should do from here? Should I start bulking again (no AAS till full recovery) or cut down body fat and prep myself for the next cycle?

Seriously, I would recover from the crash first, then hit the weight carefully with a solid diet. You could train around the injuries; There are some good articles on that here on the site.

However I would probably advise to post this on another section of the forum, since you need to get up & running again before a cycle. Members on the other section will be more apt to help you with your diet, if that is the way you would like to go.

Hope it helps

Yeah get yourself together first and foremost. We could debate the cost benefits of using AAS or more specifically HGH to assist your recovery. HGH would also cut some of your bodyfat. However, theres nothing wrong with taking the long slow route to recovery too.

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I have read that during an injury recovery, one should eat slightly above maintenance to facilitate an optimal recovery environment. That doesn’t mean add more fat, though. You’ll have to bite the bullet with respects to training. Heal first, rehab next. Then add light training. When you’re up to speed with training, fous on fat loss. When you’re reached maybe 10% BF, then consider gear.

At least, that’s what I’d do. You’ll do what you want.

Cheers, saps and bushy.