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I Just Can't Get Enough

My meal plan only allows me to eat 3 meals a day at the dining hall. My budget and lifestyle don’t really allow me to have any additional daily meals besides protein shakes and pre-prepared food. I have a pretty fast metabolism. My appetite doesn’t really match up.

What can I do to eat more food during the only 3 real meals that I have? Any eating contest training techniques or different foods to eat or what? I just get full pretty quick and I can’t get in the amount of food I need before I feel like I’m splitting at the seams.

Gallon of whole milk with chocalate syrup added everyday, cost $3-4 a day, any college kid can afford that with a little budget reorganization.

put more meals on ur plan,

or u can always go to the store and buy regular food and stick it in ur room or apartment. canned tuna/beef jerky/etc. works well

Line your pants with ziploc bags and load them up for between mealtimes.

Every college student’s nightmare is their meal plan, unless they are one of the lucky ones that get unlimited meals. Even then the food gets bland fast.

Just get some half gallon tupperware or gladwware from walmart for 3-4 bucks. Steal food and put it in your bag.