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I Just Ate 2 Doughnuts!


First two doughnuts in about 6 months!!!!

I've been on the carb cycling diet for 3 months and haven't had many sweets. This morning I just couldn't resist. Two perfect circles of frosted goodness were too much to deny.

But I guess its not too bad, its early in the day with plenty of activity left.

Time to go brush my teeth and close the door to the conference room!


Traitor! Off with ye head!

(And we know you sang them a little love song before you killed them)


Why did you stop at 2? You pussy.



Donuts help break PR's

It is proven science.


Its about impossible to get good Donuts in europe


Mmmm....forbidden doughnuts



You included pictures. Now I'm getting mad cravings.

I hate you.

I can't even watch TV nowadays because the commercials make me want to cheat so badly. :confused:


I feel your pain brother, I just downed two myself. I blame those darn office vendors who leave a box of donuts with there business cards. Out of site out of mind until you run smack dab into a box of Dunkin Donuts.



lol man I read your post this morning and it made me think about a cheat meal...then I saw the nacho bar at work. Mmmm nachos


I just saw a glazed doughnut on the sidewalk covered in ants.


Just 2 doughnuts? Whatever dude. Let me know when you find yourself in a sugar-induced stupor with icing in your hair and a half dozen kripsy kreme boxes scattered across the floor. Then I'll sympathize






Careful of those bad boys. They're too delicious. Over the summer I did 2 every morning for 2nd breakfast. It killed my leanness :frowning:


I'm glad that I'm not the only one feeling the pull from the sugar side.

Between my training tonight and my late night 'bed-training' I'm going to have to work off the doughnuts.

Just a little FYI:

One Frosted Doughnut = 300 cal, 170 from fat, 19g Total Fat ( 5 sat, 4 tran), 28g Carbs, 4g protien.



4g of protein per donut, that's not bad at all. I remember eating 12 last year ... bought a dozen for everyone at work, turns out everyone was on a diet, so I just ate them all. That was the only day in 4 years I ever called off or went home sick.


Careful of the trans fats. They'll kill you.

I don't know about the ants, though.


Thought I was a donut, you tried to glaze me


PR? Porter Ricans?


More protein!