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I Improved My Night Vision


About 2 years ago, on a dark and rainy night, I made a left hand turn onto a wide, 6 lane avenue that was mostly empty.
I almost hit a man jaywalking in the middle of the street.
He was wearing dark clothes and I absolutely did not see him.
It scared me, because I've never had a problem seeing at night.
So at night, on local streets, I began slowing down when making turns and on curves.

This past spring, the same thing happened, except since I was going slower, there was no way I was going to hit him.
This freaked me out even more, because I'm only 32 yrs old.
So I started doing some research and from diff't resources I started doing a few exercises for my eyes. These have helped a lot and my night vision is close to being what it was a few years ago.

So now I'm going to share what I've done, and I hope this helps others out.

1)Palming my eyes. I cover my eyes with the heels of my hand, forming almost a cup, blocking out any light. I just relax for a minute or 2, and I feel all the tension draining out my eye muscles. I'll also flick my eyes L-R, R-L, up-down, diagonal, for a few reps.

2) As often as possible, I stare off into the distance, as far away as possible. You'll find this also relaxes the eye muscles, and works on long-distance vision.

3) I massage eye muscles on the forehead, above the eyelids, high up on the nose, on the temples. Go light & easy, this will give you a slight headache at first.

4) A quick fix for night vision is turn down your rear-view mirror at night to minimize light bouncing off the mirror into your eyes.

5) Another quick fix, is to look more at the right hand side of the road rather than the middle while driving. The blind spot in your eyes is reduced and you'll be able to focus more.

6) Put a few drops of honey, as natural a honey as possible, into each eye 2x a day. This burns like a mofo the first few times.

There are other exercises, but I haven't tried them consistently.

I hope this helps some of you..



I was with you, right up to the point where you started putting honey in your eyes. Sounds a bit strange, what purpose does this serve?


I'm gonna try these... except the honey one. What the shit.

That reminds me of Ms lippy from billy madison when she glues her eyes shut.


very interesting. What is the reason behind the honey. I have been curious about eye strength myself because my eye sight is not as good as it was, but I refuse to wear glasses as I believe it creates a dependancy. thanks for the info, can you maybe PM me and elaborate alittle more on the cupping of the eye, and some of the other exercises you do?


Pretty sweet, I've been trying to work on my underwater breathing but keep passing out.


Have you tried turning on your headlights?

It helps a lot with night vision.


You should probably test for Retinitis Pigmentosa.


But this causes a dependency on external light sources and actually reduces your night vision. Duh.



Mr ian, I can't help due to a recent experience think you are wrong with that type of thinking. I had 20/20 vision in my youth and kinda of prided myself on that. I am now thirty six and within the last three or four years I had noticed a gradual decrease in the quality of my vision. I had an eye test during a physical and was surprised a couldn't read some of the lines that had been easy at one time.

I do a lot of shooting and really noticed it this year sighting in a rifle. Normally I shoot rifles with a scope and since this is magnified no problem. I recently had to sight in a rife with open iron sights at a standard 100 yard target. When I went to shoot this time I found it very hard because the site picture seemed to blur together and to say the least it was frustrating.

This prompted me to finally go in and get checked for glasses. My site had degraded to 20/70 in one eye and 20/50 in another and glasses were obviously prescribed. However, a more important finding was produced, The examiner said there was a high amount of pressure in my eye's above what is normal and they referred me to a specialist.

I wasn't too worried as they said it was probably nothing to worry about, but a good thing to have checked. Well, at this appointment they said my pressure was far above normal and after a battery of tests the Dr. informed me I had Glaucoma (shock).

He did say it was caught early and though it will never be cured can be treated well to the point of halting any further vision degradation for a long time. So, you can see the importance of this. If I kept he attitude you favor and shrugged that off I could have progressively gone blind in the next ten twenty years.

Also, now wearing glasses it is amazing to me how we adjust to our vision loss. I had gotten very used to the blurry fuzziness I had the last three or more years and I have been walking around and driving in sheer amazement at the detail and clarity I see everything now and my night driving had gotten to where my confidence had waned on the highway with bright lights coming at me making everything wash together. I am not dealing with that anymore.

I just wanted to emphasize the importance of having your eyes checked as I recently found out.

Take care,



Thank you for the info, I am glad I got to see your prospective on it, and I see where you are coming from. I have the same issue, I am in the military and I shoot a decent amount as well. I dont use a scope, but things tend to get very blurry with the iron sights. My eye sight used to be really goot as well, and not so much anymore. I probable will get check out, I am only 24 and for my eye sight to go that badly so young,I think I am due for a check up. On another note, there must be a way to improve eye sight with out glasses/contacts/etc.. There has to be something natural out there. Thanks for the info Dedicated, glad I got to see your perspective.


Sounds good man. It's not easy to come to terms with a loss of ability and like you I felt thirty six was young to experience this. However, the Dr. told me this is highly genetic and members of my family do have it. Hopefully your case isn't like mine and just getting glasses will help you on the range you will be amazed.

Also, don't let the dependency thing get you down. I am reading a book about Delta Force and the author got through Ranger training and then became a Delta member (the best shooters) and wore glasses. To steal a Marine Corp saying adapt and overcome.

Take care,



At night you will see better out of the side of your eyes then looking straight ahead. The sides of the eyes have better receptors for night vision.

Old hunters tip and also heard it in basic training many years ago. Always seemed to work for me.

Good tips, passing on the honey though.


Excellent exercises (don't know about the honey...), i've heard a lot of different eye exercises while practicing Speed Reading.

They do lots of left to right movement (as you can imagine) as quickly as possible over and over and over... Then you start doing it with pages of words, but you're not allowed to read the words, just move your eyes back and forth while different sections are highlighted, etc...

I noticed after doing them for a while my eyesight improved and I noticed more things.


What exactly does the honey do?


The honey was a suggestion given in 2 different resources, a reflexology book and a website.


It helps your eyes get used to the dark, since they'll be shut from the pain for at least half an hour.



Seriously, though, I'm not opposed to trying it, I just wanna know what it does first.


You'd think spending time in as dark of a place as possible would help...

  • eating your carrots


Please have your husband video tape this. :wink:


Ok I went back and looked at the Eye section in Body Reflexology and they claim its an eyewash.
As i was reading i realized
I had forgotten how many points on the body there are to press to help one's vision.

Reflexology=acupressure basically, for those of you who are wondering.