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I hope your all eating organic meat

The subject of eating non-organic meat has always worried me, animals are usually kept in very small compounds and are injected with all sorts of growth hormones and steroids to give the animals the ol’ big n ripped look.

What really disturbs me though is the feed, the crap that these animals are fed is shocking. Usually old, unusable remains of other animals, bones, hooves, eye hols, ear holes and ass holes mixed up in one big bowl. That’s when they tell you about what they are feeding these things. A few years ago it was unveiled that French farmers were feeding cows raw sewage, who was it that said you are what you eat?

I can’t deal with these shady goings any more so I’ve started eating only organic meat. Not only are they free of hormones they are kept in better conditions and fed proper food. Yeah it costs a little more but it also tastes a hell of a lot better and the protein source must be much cleaner so effectively more beneficial.

oh my god.

Alex I know what you mean, you make a strong point…

I grew up on a modest farm where my folks sold beef to other family members and people my Dad worked with in Detroit. Those cows were fed pasture grass in the summer, hay in the winter, and a grain mix all year long. That was it. These cows were Holstiens as well. They were part of the deal my Dad had made with the dairy farm up the road when they (the dairy guys) wanted to lease our tillable acres to grow corn, wheat, and soybeans…


That was damn good beef. I was spoiled at a young age.

Nowadays I’m very picky about the beef that I buy and often find myself dissapointed after it’s cooked.

Organic is definitely the way to go…

How do you find organic meat

Would anyone like some oatmeal? I’m not hungry anymore.

Uh, yeah, organic meat is probably the way to go.

Isnt there a difference between free range and organic? I dont have a problem with the injections so much as the cramped quaters they find themselves in.

I cannot get too freaked out by this whole thing. If you cook the meat correctly, hormones are deactivated by the heat so they wont affect you. Yes these animals may be fed some grotesque things at times, but when you think about it alot of the veggies we eat are grown in manure and even fertilizer made from yes raw sewage. Who knows, organic meat may taste a little better, but it is difficult to afford in the quantities I need.

Amy -

The package will be labelled “organic”.
Generally, if you’re shopping at a mass grocer like Safeway or Albertsons, you’ll not be able to find organic meats and if you do, it will be at a premium price.

Stores like Trader Joes or Whole Foods are better choices as these are smaller, more health and environmentally friendly stores.

I agree organic is the way to go but it’s alot more expensive and harder to find.

The problem is, eating quality foods, 6 times a day + all the supplements all adds up onto your pocket and having enough to afford organic meat is hard,

what would you sacrifice?
Your supplements for organic meats?

If my steak tastes good, I don’t care what the cow ate. If my burger is juicy, I don’t care if the cow was cramped.

I only eat synthetic meat.

I like my beef to come from cows that were raised in a loving, nurturing environment. I feel that a well-loved cow is a good-tasting cow.


I’m with you man. I’m fortunate enough to have close family friends that raise beef on the side and my uncle runs a pig roasting business.

Consequently, I get to butcher my own beef once a year, I buy very very little beef over the counter.

Locally raised beef is incomparable to the best store/butcher shop bought beef.


I can give you a source of excellent meat that is not too expensive and easy to find (and one I happen to be very involved in). Try the local 4-H.
PM me if you’re not familiar with 4-H. Otherwise you can find them all over and most visible at the local county fair (which, coincidentally, is coming up soon!).
Whether you like beef, pork, eggs, poultry, lamb… or even goat, these animals are raised by kids, exercised and fed well and have a very high nutritional content. I’m not a big pork eater, but last year we got about 100 pounds of the leanest, tastiest pig I have ever had. The beef are generally fed a mixture of grain and allowed to graze on grass. The chickens and eggs are “free range”. Wonderful stuff.
One downside on the meat; you generally have to buy a lot at once. Time to get that freezer you always wanted! Purchase procedures will vary from location to location, but you will not be disappointed.
Right now I’m enjoying all the goat cheese (and the whey by-product) and high omega-3 eggs I could possibly handle.

The thing to be worried about here is all the chems that you’re ingesting unawares. All the hormones, etc. Fertilizer for fruits/veggies? Yes, but that stuff is made for fertilization.

The “raw sewage” concept isn’t scary because of the urine and faeces, but because of the chems. Think about how much crap people throw down the drain every day. Laundry detergent, Dishwasher fluid, Drain unclogger, etc.

Seriously, though, we shouldn’t worry about uncertainties, but certainties. What is pretty much a given is that cows (herbivores) are given a feed containing low-quality meat. You’d wonder what effect this has on their physiologies and meat quality. Also, cows are given a “healthy” amount of GH, and other hormones to make them develop a large amount of musculature just by sitting there, resulting in leaner meat… I’m guessing these amounts of hormones not even pro bodybuilders would think about consuming.

The question to ask, of course, is “Does it matter to me?”. That is, are the chemicals and hormones capable of being carried through the meat into YOU, the cow-eater? I don’t know the answer, but perhaps someone else on the board does.

FYI, if you see New Zealand beef or lamb you can be pretty sure it is 100% grass fed. There are a few places that use grain/pellets as a finisher but I’m sure they just send to Japan and the majority of the time these animals have been grass fed up until then.
If only the US would agree to a free trade deal with us then you could get it cheaper and easier.

My god I don’t know where on earth you guys get your meat, but if your government would negotiate a trade agreement with NZ and stop subsidising poor farming practices and bad economics (no rant here - we are just better at farming - we have to be our economy is built on it!) it wouldn’t be a problem for you. :wink:

Animals in small compounds? Ours run virtually free.

Growth hormones and steroids? Not here.

Feed? Ummm… grass, hay in winter.

NZ. Home of 60 million sheep. Oh and we have plenty of beef too. Luverly steak.

Is it not true that most of the hormones are found in the liver and unless you eat a shit load of liver, you have nothing to worry about. Hell i can barely afford regular meat so if you dont have a choice it doesnt really matter. haha.

It has been illegal for some time in the US to have animal products in animal feed. And now that the mad cow debacle has run its course in Europe they are banning the practice also.

Trader Joe’s carries organic grass-fed beef from Australia, but about 88 grams of protein will cost you $4.29! My main staples are grain-fed buffalo, chicken breasts, “ranch fresh” eggs, and cottage cheese from Trader Joe’s. Ideally I’d like to eat nothing but sustainable/repectfully raised animal products, but it’s a burden for a T-Man.

Lots of family farm websites sell grass-fed/free-range/organic animal foods in bulk for a cheaper price, the catch is you’d need to buy a deep freezer first.