I hope this doesnt happen here

Government regulation/banning of supplements in EU being considered.


These evil, tyranical, fucks in the medical monopoly cartel have been pushing this bullshit for years, and they refuse to give up - despite the strong opposition. There is just to much money to be made by the medical monopoly cartel in making supplements "prescription" items. Why go to a supplement store and buy a bottle of Vit C for $5 when you can go to your doctor and get a script for it for $50 ($30 for the office visit plus $20 for the product). Besides, the so-called "alternative" medicine is starting to cut into traditional allopathic medicine profits. And the medical monopoly cartel can't have that! Everywhere this shit goes on the price of supplements and medical care skyrockets. Look at Germany. If you want to learn more about what has been going on since at least 1995, do a web serch for CODEX, or go to www.iahf.com/index2.html. The presure is stronger in Europe because the bureaucrats have more leverage there, and the people there are more likely to bend over for it than in the US. In other words, the international medical cartel has a greater chance of success in Europe so that is where they are focusing their efforts. Once Europe "falls" (further), then they can use that as leverage to pressure the US to fall in line. Prescription vitamins! Oh boy! As far as I'm concerned, the people who advocate this opression of health freedom deserve to die long painful deaths, beginning immediately.