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I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell: The Movie



Tucker Max's movie trailer.



Looks like a College Humor version of 'The Hangover'


It's been in the pipeline for years, wonder if it will be any good?


This is actually going to theaters?

It felt like I was watching a trailer for one of the American Pie movies... you know, where all the funny people and talented writers left and it was up to Stiffler's no-name brother to carry the storyline.

Then again, I've never understood why people find Tucker Max funny.


I will probably watch it because I find his stuff funny.


I read the book in like a day and a half.

I like the way he writes, only believe about 3/4 of what he writes, and won't spend money to see the film.

I'll watch it, but my wife will be pissed about how he degrades women, pretty much constantly.


I hope they don't fuck up this movie. I loved his book and laughed my ass off the whole time. Not many books can bring me to tears, but his did.


Awesome book! I doubt the movie will be as good! I'll still watch it though...in hopes!


yeah im watching that


I'm planning on never seeing the movie. His stories are already immortalized in my mind and I'm not letting some crappy movie ruin it. WTF is next? RealUltimatePower.net gonna make a movie?


I enjoyed reading his stories, but honestly this movie looks like a massive turd in which you do not even get the satisfaction of it passing your prostate on the way out.


I enjoyed his book and site, but that movie looks awful. I cant imagine paying to see that in theaters. I'll wait for DVD and just rent it on Netflix.


x2. I don't even believe most of the shit he writes.


When I was 18 or so...yeah, this stuff was funny.

He is sort of a caricature of himself. Pretty much a tool.


The book was hilarious. It's hard for me to laugh when reading a book, but I was cracking up a buncha times when reading it.

But I won't see the movie, probably for another couple of years.


Been looking forward to this for a long time, but the previews were very disappointing.

The stories and Tucker Max himself are awesome and hilarious. The actor they picked is a little bitch, though, and they didn't show nearly the funniest jokes or stories in the previews I saw. Would be awesome if Tucker just did the main role.


I thought this movie would be awesome. I read the book and loved it, but after watching the trailer... I get the feeling it's going to be very cheesy.

And now that it's been mentioned.. i don't really want some stupid american pie version of this book ruining my memory of it.

I might just go see it anyways..


movie looks shit, some of the stories were funny when i first read them many may years ago, i don't know why people don't believe them though. They aren't that far fetched and ive frankly seen a lot worse throughout the years and countries ive lived in.


The man is the king of douchebags. UNfortunately, many guys and gals I know look up to this shit head.

Yes, he's funny. No you should not aspire to be and/or sleep with a guy like Tucker Max. He is a soulless little weasel who needs someone to smack him across the face.


Agreed stevo, they might be made up, but they could happen.