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I Hope They DIE!


What a bunch of punk ass mother fuckers. I HATE people like this. I hope these mother fuckers die a horrible, slow, extremely painful, death. I hope someone goes 'Hostel' on their punk asses.



Ok, I just caught this. I can't begin to fathom what could make people do such random acts of deadly violence. Was it a thrill seeking thing? I hope they are caught and convicted and put in cells where the inmates violently ass rape them for years to come. I'm talking broomsticks and fists.


This is why I dislike the death penalty (well, aside from the cost-efficiency argument). I would much rather that someone get assraped for the remainder of their life than just killed. These guys most certainly deserve broomsticks and fists, worn and slivered broomsticks.


I don't remember who said it (Multiple people i'm sure) but i think murderers should be killed in the same way their victim died. IF the guy raped and slit a womans throat, he should raped and have his throat slit. I also think they should be telivised.



They obviously only watched the first half of Clockwork Orange....before Alex gets his clock cleaned by the homeless.


I would absolutely love to seem them with their faces on fire.


I think you can kind of see there faces on camera, so hopefully they'll find these putos.
Similar thing happened up here in a Toronto, after a party a volunteer in the military killed a homeless man. Not sure if he was sentenced yet or not. Just sickens me. What makes you want to beat up a person just cause they're sleeping on a bench? It's not like the person hasn't obviously been through some shit in their life. Damn!


Maybe they got sick of those fuckin bums asking them for change and cigarrettes all the time. Get a fuckin job!


I hope they get the large end of a bat shoved up their ass in prison. But they are probably minors. Those skinny pussies would have had that bat taken away and used on them if it were me they went after.

They'd have all 5;7", 170 lbs of pure kick ass all over them!

I know you like the above statement, I just know it! I can smell the smoke already.


They should just get dressed in their good clothes, have a shower and shave and get a job, be as easy as 123, ever get that feeling that someone does not have a clue?


Yeah, my spider-sense is tingling.


you know what the funny thing is?

they are probably going to get nailed because they are bragging to their friends how they beat the shit out of a defenseless homeless guy with a bat.

The cowardice. They need to get their shit pushed in by a gang train of like 20 gigantic ass Ronnie Coleman looking mofos.


They have as good a chance of getting a job as you do a sense of humor.


apayne you're an asshole


Thats something. Just some punk ass kids who want to be the big shit. Fuck'em I hope they go down hard...pieces of shit.


He's probably not a true asshole, but it was an assholish statement to justify the beatings because he does not have a job.


i've been saying this all along.


I suspect they'll catch the little fucks...I hope they don't get off based on their age. These kids deserve the worst the prison system has to offer. I'd shame the hell out of their parent(s) too in the media.


I think the skinny kid with the longer hair, the one that falls at the beginning of the video and then drops the bat, is going to have a really tough time in prison and he will have earned every second of it.


"You smear a guy in brown gravy, then lock him up in a small room with a wolverine that's high on angel dust!" George Carlin, offering a novel form of capital punishment that I think our Criminal Justice system should seriously explore.