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I Hit a Wall, Need Some Advice


Chris i had recently did the V-Diet back in Nov. I lost 30lbs went from 260 to 230. I am now @ 215 lbs. To me i am not seeing any gains or more leaness. My workout schedule is like this. 3-4 times a week i am in the gym @ 5am doing 45 of cardio ( i still got 15 more lbs to lose ). 5-6 times in the pm roughtly around 6pm i am in the gym doing weights. I do one body part a day anywhere from 5-6 exercises for each. The past 2 months beeen going lighter doing more reps thinking maybe that could lean me out a little.

I am watching what i eat having 3-4 protein shakes a day i do take Surge when i workout ( i am including that as one protein shake ). I eat chicken,steak or fish and I eat alot of veggies during the week. On the weekend i do give myself a little break and ill have some pizza or ice cream but nothing over board. I never ever want to get back to how i looked when i was 260. Not sure if it is my diet or if its the training I am doing just wanted to see if you have an pointers.

Thank you. I appreciate any feed back i can get.


Paragraphs are your friend :frowning:

Congratulations on that :slightly_smiling:

Again good work on all your work, though if your not going anywhere there must be something majorly wrong.

Gah i had a post typed out but CT's article just explains everything:


Specifically in relation to doing high reps for losing fat:

For fat loss proper food is the way to go, 3-4 shakes a day is far to much.

For the articles i send absolutely every person to is here



I think even CT will agree, John Berardi knows his stuff, follow his plan in Tailor Made Nutrition Part 1, then go to 2 and 3.

And yes your cheat meals will have to go ! Losing fat does not go hand in hand with eating pizza every weekend.

As for getting back to 260, i doubt you will ever return to it.

Not to rag on the V-Diet but your the poster child for who we were worried about the V-Diet person who when it was finished was still completely unaware of what to do.

Follow JB's Part 1 for 8-12 weeks then go to Part 2 and Part 3 and in no time you will get to where you want to go :slightly_smiling:

I know im making it sound easy but it is, this site is filled with the resources just finding them is the problem ! Now i have given you the Training and the Nutrion articles you need..... the next part actually DOING it is up to you.

Wish you every success in that regard, and as you see you have access to CT if you have any particular questions which for the 1st 8 weeks you shouldn't, just keep it nice and simple.



The more at you lose, the harder it will be to lose the rest.

  1. In every activity you do, you must carry your bodyweight. So performing the same level of activity at 215 then at 260 will lead to a a lot less energy being burned.

  2. After a certain period of time spent dieting, your body adjust and becomes 'less eager' to continue on dropping fat. I suggest never dieting severely for more than 10-12 weeks in a row. After which, depending on the amount of weight you lost, you will need to break off the diet for anywhere from 5 to 21 days.

  3. When you stagnate it means that your body has adapted to what you are doing diet and training-wise. The solution is often to increase the amount of physical activity you are doing or cutting calories even more. HOWEVER in certain occasions, either after being on a diet for a long time, or when you are already doing almost too much, this is not a solution anymore. Doing so could actually lead to health problems.

My suggestion would be to take a 2 weeks dieting break and then start your dieting efforts from zero. This doesn't mean eating crap for 2 weeks, but do consume more calories and good carbs.

As for your workouts, focus on building as much muscle as you can in those 2 weeks.


Thanks for the advice guys. 300 & above its not that i do not know what to do for my diet after i got off i was just saying i will never let myself get back to how iw as i ate like crap all the time yes i worked out but i never did it the right way. I have the 3-4 shakes a day ( one in the morning as my breakfast, 1030 ill have another one, then the Surge with my workout @ night and maybe ill have another one before i go to bed but i do eat a real lunch, dinner and snack around 3 30 4ish ) just because its alot more convient and easy to just drink a shake to me . I have a job where i really cant leave my desk from the time i walk in to the time i leave. So to just add water to a mixer with some Metabolic Drive is perfect.

Chris thank you for the advice i was thinking maybe because i was on this strict diet for so long my body did just get use to everything i will change up my workouts also. Thanks again.

300 & above ty also will take a look at those links. Cardio i switch it up precor elpitical treadmill and stair master sometimes in the am ill do 25 min on 1 then 20 min on another. I figured maybe the more reps less weight was prob something i shouldnt be doing. Looking forward to see what changes i can see in the up coming weeks will keep you gusy posted thank you again.