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I Haven't Been Hungry in 3 Days


This has never happened to me before. I suspect it is a result of getting sick, but I have absolutely not been hungry at all in about 3 days. I have eaten, not as much as I should, but still a couple thousand calories daily at least. But it is the damndest thing. I have not eaten in over 12 hours, and if I didn't consciously remind myself of that, I would probably continue...

Has this ever happened to anyone? it is frustrating, I was making good progress up until a little while ago when I got very sick and could hardly eat, since recovering, I have had a difficult time getting back into the course of eating regularly and sufficiently, and now, I just don't even feel hungry at all...

I recognize that hunger and need to eat are not entirely related. But it is still disorientating, I feel as though I have lost 10 pounds.


Happens to me every time I'm sick (cold etc.) I think it's pretty common and will probably gone in a few days (or a week).

Any other variable in your diet, or life, that changed recently? Some drugs or stress in general have similar effects.


Hmmm. Odd. I've had something similar, but not for such a long period. Could it be that you've been eating the very same stuff over and over again? This probably doesn't explain it since a lot of people do just fine by a repetative diet routine.

I have realised during the course of writing this message that it is useless and probably won't help at all. So I'll just wish you a speedy apetite and hope it works out.

And bump.


Hey, it's no big deal I'm sure. It is only frustrating because like... I've always been skinny and I feel like I have put such a good and solid effort into getting bigger( approx. 60 pounds in 3 years) but I'm still skinny on account of being really tall. As a result, it is just kind of heartbreaking to be blasted with this illness, lack of eating, weirdness where I feel like all I am doing is wasting away.

Though, I don't think I have gotten any weaker in this time, I guess I'm just a little protective about my hard earned mass. haha.


happens to me all the time, i just go and do 45 minutes of cardio, and then im hungry again. whatever works!


Fortunately no puking. Though I feel I came very close a few times. Well, I managed to force myself to eat about 5000 calories today, despite generally feeling against it. Just paying the dues I guess....


mild case of the ghey?


Sorry if I got your hopes up, but it was just a common cold.


I posted this a while back and I'm sure people think it's weird but Angostura bitters is a great appetite stimulant. You know, the stuff you put in cocktails. You can just mix it with water.

Getting sick sucks when it messes up your routine, I hope you are feeling better.