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I Havent Been Here in a While


And now I dont know where anything is.


Welcome back dude! Hope you stick around; this place needs you.

I’ve facebook stalked you, but what’ve you been up to?


Welcome back, for sure.

This thread talks about how to use the new layout and features.

The forum sections are pretty much the same, just laid out differently. The 3-bar icon around the top right or the page (between the search and your avatar) should be a dropdown menu that can get you to any forum category.


Nothing much. Working, growing a business, working more, screaming myself to sleep because the sweet release of death in my nightmares is better than being awake sometimes. So, nothing new really. Currently waiting to get some extensive surgery done on my shoulder. Shit sucks. What about you, man?


This layout is a lot less suicide inducing than the last time I was here.


Coming back from an ACL reconstruction. Just about 100% again. Got to learn about all sorts of variations of seated good mornings while I recovered.

Good luck recovering from surgery. I like to think of it as forced periodization.


Hey @StormTheBeach I just read through your old Q&A thread regarding the Westside method. I use a conjugate program and was hoping to bounce some questions off you if you didn’t mind. I noticed the old thread was locked so figured I’d ask here before I made a new topic to bother you, in case it was locked for a reason…


Go for it. More than happy to help.


Thanks! I’m wondering if people who follow Westside-style programming typically follow a written program. Thats what I’m doing right now. I used a coach for my last meet prep and basically took the same programming with some minor adjustments for my current meet. And by written I mean right down to the sets and reps of assistance work for each training session.

Does this prevent me from addressing issues and weak points as they arise? Or would I just make those adjustments to my programming between meets? Is it better to just know what weights I have to hit and what weak points need bringing up, as opposed to being so rigid in following a written program?