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I have Two questions for you CT


hello CT, Thanks for your time.

  1. how can i add some powersnatch or powerclean movement to your layer system, or do you have something else to suggest ?

  2. I will take 1 week break soon and i wanna know whats the better thing to do when u come back after 1 week off ? what should i do ? restart hard or go slowly ?

thanks For the Quick answer !!



Well I talked about several versions of the layer system, so it's hard for me to give precise info on how to use the olympic lifts within that system. When someone "adds" the olympic lifts to a program the best way to do it is normally as the first movement in the program for 4-6 sets of 1-3 reps between 75 and 90%. I wouldn't use it as a layered exercise per se.

I see no reason to start off slowly after on one week off, You will simply be recovered. It might take 1 or 2 workouts to get back into the groove (you will be physically fresh but the nervous system might be sluggish) but besided that there is no need for a special approach.


thanks you really much CT for the information.