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I Have this Friend...

…who is my MA instructor and owns a school that deals with multiple disciplines, and he has been in the process of creating a website that has instructional videos and stuff.

What suggestions could I give him that you guys have seen. Maybe some do’s or don’t’s, and things like that.

I hope this isn’t off topic or inappropriate to ask. If so, damn me to hell!


categories of moves and disciplines…dont mash it all together.

a forum on the site is always a good idea

articles are always a bonus.

thank you!

I have been having a hard time reading your posts lately, though. Your avatar is just too distracting!

…not that that’s a bad thing :wink:

Ageed to the categories. Make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Be clear on the instructions and the intent. I shouldn’t have to guess what a specific move is doing, and why.

Make it so it doesn’t take forever to view the video. May be hard to do on their service.

Please don’t come out with another “ultimate” martial art. If I see one more add about how “devastating” it is, and how “anyone, even if you are out of shape can defeat any attacker” I’ll get sick.

For an example, read any ad by TRS, SCARS, or TFS. Not to say that any of them don’t have at least some good ideas, but the marketing grates me.