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I have this excess fat around my stomach...But I ain't fat.

Hear me out before you flame fellas. I’ve been thinking of having a tummy tuck surgery because I have this excess fat around my belly. Call it bad genetics or whatever but I know it’s excess fat kind of like gyno. My father has sort ofthe same thing and he isn’t fat either.

For example, I’ve always been skinny, my numbers are 6’2" 185 right now. When I was around 170 paying attention to my body I always realized that my belly was always protruding outward and it really would be noticeable if I ate something you kow, but if I didn’t, it would look like the average persons belly after he ate something. Anyway, I’m not fat though. I ran cross country and was running a mile in under 5 minutes but I’d still notice this.

I’m posting this because I reeeally would kill to have that washboard stomach with the abs rippling out to complete my figure, I already have a defined chest going and I’ve recently started doing ab work but I just want to know if anyone else has this problem withe xcess fat around the gut because I’m really thinking hard about spending around 2 grand for tummy tuck surgery. Thanks for your advice. Dee.

You could be insulin resistant. You might want to take a careful look at your diet. I know you might be eating “clean” too. If you are somewhat insulin resistant even carbs that seem good to eat could be wreaking (sp) havoc inside your body due to the excess amount of insulin needed to process them. Just my o…

This thread is a prime candidate for the photo forum, as pictures would help us out quite a bit. It sounds to me, too, like your diet is the culprit. I know marathoners that I wouldn’t call slim in the midsection, so execessive cardio alone will not suffice for all people.

Run a search of the forum archives for “protruding abs” and the like. You might find that simply stretching the hip flexors and working the transverse abdominis will make a world of difference. However, if it is fat, remember the “first on, last off” rule.

I agree with Eric. You say you just started working your abs. Well you probably need to build that muscle up. YUou have to get it to press against that tendon to make the six pack show. You do that the same way you do with any muscle. Heavy weights and low reps. Use weights when you do your abs and keep the reps between 6-15.

I would agree people could give better advice if they new what they were dealing with, get a picture up and people will be more willing to evaluate where you and how to get to where you want to be.

look at Yohimbe based stuff.

I’ve got a similar problem, sometimes. I’m lean, but my stomach tends to protrude 1. after meals 2. bulking 3. when I don’t work abs. I’ve got minor back problems from a birth defect. I’ve noticed, though, that when I don’t work abs it gets worse. Try stretching the hip flexors and work your TVA more. That last piece of advice didn’t help me much, though; I was able to pass all of the TVA diagnostics Paul Chek recommended. Ab work will be the best, I think. Maybe ask a reputable chiropractor about this–don’t ask him to fix it, though, he’ll see green and go crazy.

I have a similar problem. At one point, I was stretching my hip flexors religiously, and that seemed to have a slight benefit–unfortunately, I haven’t had as much dedication recently :frowning:

I feared that it may be a posture-related problem, but I haven’t pursued that possibility to any real satisfaction.

Still, the exercise that has helped me reduce this is stomach vacuums. There is an article somewhere on this site regarding them; give 'em a try, they worked pretty well for me.

Where are the Paul Chek TVA diagnostics at?? Can you post a link or let me know what article you got them from?? thanks…

Hey Dee, I’ve got the same kind of ab problem- 6’1, 190-210 pounds. I ate like crap growing up as a kid and was 260 at graduation- strong and lots of muscle but more fat! i started watching my nutrition at 18 and even entered a bodybuilding contest at 21. The leanest caliper measurement i ever had was 5mm horizontal skinfold 2 inches from the bellybutton. I had deep striations in my triceps and vastus lateralis and medialis, but loose skin in my lower abs.

I’m 25 now and the loose skin is still there when i get down below 8 or 9mm. The fattest i get is 14mm when gaining. My instincts say i am very insulin resistant from my upbringing on kraft dinner and kfc etc… The best and current eating plan i use is P+F meals with veggies all day, with only carb meal post training (fruit/rice/oats/etc) and one reward meal per week. This gets me down to 5mm every time without much cardio. Hope that helps:) Peace…

Things to work on.

  1. Get your insulin under control.
    Use 1/2 TBSP Flax (use only Spectrum Essentials or Barleans)and 1/2 TBSP Twinlabs EMULSIFED(flavored) fish oil 2X a day per Eric Serrano MD, PhD. I chase the TBSP with cranrasberry to clear the tastebuds.

Thank you all for the advice fellas. I wish I had a scanner to show to you folks but the advice I’ve gotten is gold. I’ll take into account everything posted and try the exercises and the vacuum exercises on my ab days. I currently train my abs 2-3 times a week (just started 2 weeks ago though) and I ordered some Methoxy 7 Yesterday specifically for this problem, so hopefully I’ll see some improvement in a few weeks.

In case you care, Serrano has his own fatty acid formula now. It is called Alpha Omega-3 M. I would guess he is recommending that instead of Twinlab these days…