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I Have the Power


To make anything happen in thebworld that is not connected to money,what do you reckon i shoukd do what shoukd happen for the world to become a better place?


Guys come on fill me up with yourbideas


Guys come onnnnnnn gimme ideas


Purchase a reputable dictionary, become fluent in English.


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I think it was Gandhi who said something along the lines of: "Be the change you want to see in the world" ( after memory, might be a tad wrong )

Well my answer too you is to start With that and take it from there.

Good Luck.


Try something more convincing.


Kids, this is why you should stay in school.


Ok even tho im being serious I ask you guys to pretend that what im saying is real and give me ideas not spiritual ideas but more like political ideas


Start with self-sterilization.


Being cool is what ruined the world and it has come to this you must feel so cool throwing jokes at me but in my eyes your nasty mate I rly have this power I can do as I please wih it however ive chosen to ask for advice and have people use it with me I xould very well use it for fun and peesonal gain whixh I already have done to sleep with beautiful women but im not doing that anymore ...im coming to the people and you guys are not taking me seriously.ITS RIDICULOUS TO ME


OK, use your power to grant all who replied to you each of their ideal (to each such person) body fat percentage and musculature. I'd go for 8% for myself and keeping my body weight the same by increasing musculature and supporting systems.

We will certainly take you seriously then.


The way it works isnt as simple as it happens in a flash when I use my powers it makes something happen if you give me a picture of your face, cos thats what I need to have control over you I will make you go down to 8% bodyfat however youll be training to achieve it and btw if I do that I might aswell use my powers to make you achieve your maximum genetic pitential but once again im saying it will take alot of work on your side im not satan so that I can shapeshift you my power is more earthly than supernatural, however the point of the thread is improving the world not your physique however post a pic of your face and ill give you what I promised


Trolls are supposed to be funny. Be funny.


Im not a troll mate


Let's start with something easy to test your powers. Use your power to make grammatically correct sentences coupled with proper punctuation that, not coincidentally, makes things easier on the reader, in your next 20 posts. This should be an easy task given the scope of your claimed powers, and doing so is free of charge.


OK, here you go.


Post a picture of your face and ill display to you my powers by making a mockery of a mocker.


This is how I picture you when you talk.......don't talk any more.


Tell me now how many years have you been on this forum and how many pics have you posted of yourself? Also can you tell me the amount of times you have criticized someones physique and at the same time you look lile shit?