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I Have Program ADD, Best Program?




How long have you been lifting? I might be able to help. What are your goals?


....the one you stick to. There is no magic bullet. Pick a proven program and just follow it as written for 6 months. Evaluate what worked and what didn't after 6 months then adjust but keep moving forward.

It's not about the program, it's about sticking to one and giving it 100%.




The remedy for Program ADD that I suggest is to buy and study Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 book and then follow the advice of the previous poster - "pick one routine and stick with it." Pick a routine that you ENJOY and will stick with and most importantly make progression on. If you don't enjoy it or you start out with too much volume/intensity you will quickly burnout and give up and then you will start looking for the next "magic pill".


The best program is the one you stick to. I suffer with the same ADD program swapping. Since reading practical programming and some of Jamie Lewis stuff and ebook destroy the opposition I've had fun creating a program that I'll stick with. I just put stuff in there that I enjoy. I find only doing squat, deadlift and bench can get quite boring.


Gold ha ha! :slight_smile: