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I Have Nothing to Declare but My Genius



Hi I'm Joe, for those of you who are new I included the handy dandy link to my old log(see above)in case you want to see anything there.

I'm a 43 year old who pretty much acts like a highly responsible, moderately well behaved 17 year old. I grew up in the inner city of Birmingham, Alabama but thanks to the efforts of my Grandfather I learned all the essential southern skills such as shooting, running a trotline, skinning catfish, and refering to everyone as Sir or Ma'am. For years I was certain I had escaped speaking with a Southern accent but my first trip to Chicago throughly abused me of that notion.

I spent a great deal of my youth with relatives in New Orleans and on the swampy parts of the Gulf Coast where I worked construction or on shrimp boats during the summer months. Here I learned that shrimping is hard work and that cajun and creole young women have a sort of voodoo thats hard to describe and harder to resist.

It was my honor to serve as an infantryman in the USMC and I attended the University of Alabama both of which I am inordinately proud of. I work at a University where I do thing the DOD prohibts me from being specific about.

If you continue to read this log you will find that I use self depreciating humor to motivate my self. Don't be fooled, in reality I'm am pretty damn cocky and while I might have the normal self doubts everyone does I'm fairly self assured.

This log will contain videos of my lifting and lots of me being a goofy ass.

You will not be wowed by my strength as you might be in some of the other logs posted here but I hope you enjoy your self. In my spare time I have gone back to school with the long term goal of geting a Doctorate in Economics, we'll see how that goes. I also Medieval Combat which I might mention here every so often. I really like to cook, as well as dance. I am terrible singer and if mankind can build a thing I can break it.

Now on to more important things.


Finally, all hail the mighty Wendler from who all wisdom flows.

Hope you enjoy the log.


I do already! Looking forward to the new log.

Oh, btw ASU> all.. and thats not Arizona State.. We do get trounced by all SEC teams.


I killed your log! I am officially a log killer.

Here is my donation in return for the right to plop my ass in here and uhhh "critic" your dips.


Jesus that looks good.

You will be glad? to know that I am having to do another arm day today so its dips again this week. I have a feeling they will not be up to par but we shall see.


You should schedule Vandy, god bless the little slide rule guys.

I'm expecting big things out of 43 so here's hoping it ends up being worth your time.


Great ad hoc vita to kick off you new log!


You still claim you don't have a southern accent. Now that I have it in writing here I know you know it too :stuck_out_tongue: That point will be proved to you even more next week when you are all here :stuck_out_tongue:


For some reason we like to schedule, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, and Florida. You get lucky and beat Michigan and what do you know, the slide rule guys wont play you....


I loved the commentary at the end of that last video. Hi Joe!


except for waffles>pancakes




8x BW+35
8x BW+70
4x BW+105



BB Shrugs


DB Shoulder Press


Alt Hammer Curls


Standing EZ Curls


I failed you guys, the gym was full of outstanding sights but I couldn't get them on camera. You'll have to settle for my crappy dip vids. One the second vid at the end I'm making the faces because teh plates started swinging and I was afeared for my bits.




4x BW+105

Forgive the goofyness at the end.


Thats some impressive dipping!


Indeed! Very nice dip'in.


I lol'd at the funny face

didn't santa worked out at your gym :wink:

edit: had to watch it twice. lol again.


It's funnier when you know the face was 'cause he was worried about his important bits


I must say that I so thoroughly enjoyed the commentary at the end of your last squat vid that I laughed aloud. Oh, Joe. You are a funny one. And that squat wasn't that high or ugly. Kimba's got the record for the ugliest squat on tape with that horrific knee cave one.


I missed the vid with the funny commentary. I had to go back and find it. LOL'd


Yeah he's got to be in shape to deliver toys.

You mean you don't always watch them twice?