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I Have No Idea How To Cut


I'm posting this in the steroids forum because I am running test at the moment and trying to cut.

I've gained about 50lbs in the last few years while staying at roughly the same bodyfat, about 18%. The problem is that I have never even considered cutting and I have no idea how to do it. At first I started out eating very low-carb but I got so hungry that I would binge on eggs and other protein sources, so I haven't lost any weight, though I have dried up considerably.

But I actually want to lose some weight. I am at about 235-240lbs now at 6' tall. I am using the test to preserve muscle, but I think I am still just gaining muscle, which is not my goal now.

So what is the basic idea? I don't need a strict protocol, just a rough idea of how to train and eat. And how much gear do you all use?


Oh, and presently I am doing HIIT style sprints and cycling and trying TBT on the non-HIIT days. And I am eating a shit ton of protein. I have no idea what my calories are, but if I get hungry and I can't sleep then I eat 5 eggs and some sausages or whatever I need to fall asleep.


To fight muscle atrophy, I take in just about 150mg a week. There's not much I can tell you that you already haven't heard: It's going to take a decrease in calories and hard work. The best thing you can do for yourself at the moment is nix out foods that are both high fat, and high carb. Unfortunately during this time, you can have your cake, but not eat it.

Watch simple things like soft drinks, white bread, hidden calories (I hold a certain level of spite for people who use loads of salad dressing). I can tell you that one big mistake you're making is taking in all those fatty calories before going to bed; 5 eggs and/or sausages can tally up your daily caloric intake greatly.

On work-out days, I'd personally suggest around 13 calories per pound of weight, while on non-workout days it should be about 12 or even 11. Don't overcompensate a day you ate sloppy by starving the rest of the day, or by killing yourself on cardio. These things have a negative effect on metabolism.

As far as what you mentioned about low-carb diets making you hungry, the trick is to split the meals (5-6) throughout the day so that you're constantly refeeding yourself.


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Thanks for the diet tips everyone. How do you train when cutting? I think the reason I end up eating so much is because I still train basically the same, then when I get home I start to feel catabolic and I get paranoid about losing muscle and then just eat HUGE. So I am guessing you have to do light weights for this. What do yall do? Obviously the goal is to lose as little muscle as possible while getting down to lower weight.


Interesting. Do you do TBT or splits? Also how many total sets are you doing per session on average?

This might be worth trying but when I go heavy on DLs, even in the low rep range, I tend to NEED to eat afterwards. Sometimes for up to 48 hours.


Nutrition is easily the one topic everyone is going to have a different opinion on, Diana Bolann. Look up some for yourself, and consider those posted.. ultimately, use whichever you see best adequate for yourself. It's a lot easier if you use a plan that complies with your eating habits.

Carb cycling is one of my preferred methods, usually repleneshing at the 4th day. Once you do a week of it, in my experience, it becomes easier to do a 3-day stint on virtually zero carbs. The 4th day is like a breath of fresh air.


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