I have low Zinc + Vit D levels

24 hr Urine Volume 2.385 Litres
Urine Zinc *0.12 mg/24h (0.15 - 0.80)

Vitamin D 17 (<25 = Deficient) (25-50 Insufficient)

I am treating the low vit D with 10k IU of D3 a day and the Zinc with 400mg zing sulphate (90mg of actual elemental zinc, i dont have and cant afford copper labs right now, should i be taking copper with the zinc and how much in relation to zinc intake? can the low zinc actually be caused by the low vitamin D?

thanks for any help, Jack.

low D, won’t cause low zinc.

but some foods that block D absorption, can block zinc, such as grains.

HIgh activity levels can also deplete zinc levels

Front load the Vit D at 20,000 a day for the first week, then drop back down to 10,000 for maintenance.

I don’t know what the preferred form of Zinc is but I’ve always gone with monomethionine and aspartate A) because that’s what Biotest uses and B) you need magnesium too so its convenient.

I’ve also seen great success with clients loading as much as 80k-100kIU’s of D for just 2 days per week. This (from what I’ve read) has shown to raise levels quicker instead of beating around the bush for months at at time. Personally, I have never had someone undertake this protocol for more than 8 weeks; at which I have them get their levels re-tested.
Jack, from a food perspective, I’d also try increasing your intake of fish - specifically sardines, herring, mackeral, etc. If you’re an egg-white eater I’d also start eating the yolks and do ur best to get some sunshine. Even just looking up at the sun for as little as 15min can make a huge difference.
All the best!

Thanks Coach, i found a lot of information backing up weekly and twice-a-week dosing. I am going to take 100k IU twice a week for 8 weeks because i am a big guy.

No sweat Jack, hope it works out for ya. Just do me a favour and get your D levels tested after the 8 weeks.
All the best!

[quote]CoachShredder wrote:
No sweat Jack, hope it works out for ya. Just do me a favour and get your D levels tested after the 8 weeks.
All the best![/quote]
I did 10k weeks of 100k on Monday and Thursdays…

the results are in…

Vitamin d2 level <10.0 nmol/L
Serum 25-hydroxy vitamin d3 level > 250.0 nmol/L
Total 25OH Vitamin D > 250.0 nmol/L


Vitamin D will get up very quickly (a few months)

what i did was take 50000IUs every 3 days for 2 months then kept at 12000IUS/day after that, im right at the very top of the non-toxic range and am maintaining on 4000IUs

Zinc can take a LONG time to get up for some people. took me almost 14 months of heavy supplementation and lots of oysters etc… and avoiding calcium at the same meal to finally get it to optimal.

Good luck

What brand products were you using?

[quote]MAF14 wrote:
What brand products were you using?[/quote]

Vitamin D3 Extreme 50,000 iu by ProHealth
It must be the real deal.