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I Have Low T at 22

Hello guys
I am 22 years old.
I have been suspecting i have low T for quite a long time now, for about 5 years.
I am always tired and without energy.
I had some hormones checked:
August 2013:
Total Testosterone 385ng/dL(280-800)
Estradiol 21.15µg/L (7.63-42.59)

September 2013:
Total Testosterone 418ng/dL(280-800)
Estradiol 26.90µg/L (7.63-42.59)
FSH 1.56IU/L(1.5-12.4)
LH 3.04IU/L(1.7-8.6)

November 2014: <–Thats the time i visited my doctor, i was terribly depressed.
TSH 1.884mE/L(0.55-4.78)

March 2015:
Total Testosterone 425ng/dL(280-800)
Prolactin 13.41µg/L(4.1-18.4)

This winter i went through a terrible depression. I was taking Mirtazapine at 15mg/day for about 2 months. Then decided to stop. However, it looks like depression didn’t really have any influence on the T. But after that depression my confidence and real-life libido are totally crashed, completely zero.

What concerns me right now is headaches. I have been having them lately.
When i was taking the bus home today from uni, i got a terrible headache. Pain right in the centre of the head. That was accompanied/caused by a good dose of fatigue. And i dont know if this headache is just from fatigue, or is it something wrong in my head, like tumor or something?

I attend an electrical engineering school. At school i have terrible issues with brain fog, mental clarity and fatigue.

I know a head MRI would be good, but just because of some headache and lowish T that is not really LOW, i dont think doctor would be willing to do that.

I also know a sleep study would be good, but i feel like a hypohondriac begging my doctor for these tests without any strong reason.

What else should i check before giving HCG and TRT a shot?
I don’t have a varicocele-well i may on the right testicle, but the right testicle is big, the left is small. And varicocele usually happens on the left side. And at the end of the day, i think i am secondary, not primary.

Would be grateful for any advice.

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At your age, low T is the symptom, not the condition. So we need to try to identify causes and hopefully something that can be fixed.

Often, we see thyroid problems here and most of the time the thyroid labs will be in-range. The ranges are stupid and docs get blinded.

Do you get cold easily? Dry skin? Outer eyebrows sparse, Don’t use iodized salt?
Does your thyroid look or feel enlarged or lumpy?

You can check overall thyroid function by checking your oral body temperatures when you first wake up AND mid-afternoon. When you wake up, 97.7 or higher would be good, 97.3 and lower a definitely not good. And one needs to hit 98.6 in the afternoon.
Read more in the thyroid basics sticky.

Many of the symptoms of [subclinical] hypothyroidism are the same as low-T.

MRI is a good idea for your situation. If a pituitary adinoma [tumor] gets large, it can press on the optic nerves and narrowed peripheral vision can result. Should be near 180 degrees. There are adinomas that are not prolactin secreting.

Labs: - you have some
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

One can become vit-D3 deficient in the winter. Find 5,000iu tiny oil based capsules. Take 25,000 for first five days.

I get colds easily, but my skin is not dry, its oily.
i am actually pretty sure that this is my natural T level and that i dont have any condition that would cause this.
The thing is, i have been behind my peers in development since 14 years old. At 15 years old i was 175cm tall and i didnt grew half an inch since then.

i think this is just how i am meant to be. I have a boyish face and could probably count the hair i have on my chin. At the level of 400 some guys would develop a full beard.
Too many people look just on age when it comes to testosterone levels. You can test a 70 year old man and his levels will be 860(i know for one) and you can take a 20 year old male and his levels will be at 240. People are just not aware how different we are. not everyone is meant to have high levels. Testosterone can vary from person to person more than it does with normal aging.

i dont want to school anybody, im just trying to tell my opinion. Because i am looking for advice.
Let me give just one more example…one man can have big reach, long arms, or maybe big nose or big ears, maybe strong jaw, why the hell couldnt they develop big testicles and strong pituitary gland and have higher than normal T levels?
You can be healthy and have low levels, no matter of age…
My thyroid is not swolen or anyhing, will check the ft3 and ft4 and body temperature.
and again, i apreciate any input

What were your IGF-1 levels which measures GH status?

Please ping me at the KSman is here thread when you have more data.
Body temp may be more telling than the thyroid labs.

Your use of iodized salt may be a big part of this puzzle.

Your depression can easily be connected to your hormone heath, hundreds here can attest to that. ;}


I do not consider myself an expert or such a thing (yet ;)) but I doubled my Testosterone levels from 380 ng/dl to 720 ng/dl.
I am 22 years old like you. Please stop rationalising your low levels. Your levels are low for a 22 year old. End of story. You have a problem. Do not listen to fucktard doctors that tell you everything is ok. Listen here, I too have hormonal issues I am working like a madman to solve them. I am learning things 24/7 on the internet, applying, testing etc. Medicine and doctors do 1 and 1 thing only:

Solve broken people (sick people). Think of it like an analogy. Sick people are like broken cars. Doctors make the people UNsick which means they repair the car.

BUT and here is the big BUT, there is more to a car/a human than broken/sick - working/healed. There is such a thing called OPTIMUM Performance for a car ( I think everybody who has a car knows this ) and exactly the same thing for a human : OPTIMUM health. Sadly medicine does not concern itself with making a human run at its best parameters so you will not find any relief there.

I just ate 4 eggs 4-5 days out of 7 and ate a ton of peanut butter the same days.

The results speak for themselves: from 380 to 720 ng/dl.

If I can further help you, please tell me!

‘‘Your use of iodized salt may be a big part of this puzzle.’’

Should i use iodized salt or not?