I Have Labs - What Am I Missing?

Test results - Album on Imgur oops - for some reason this didn’t post

Looking for input based on these labs. I got some help on another forum suggesting that I get
E2 and estradiol checked as well. My Endo wants me to schedule an MRI of my pituitary. He said he will give me some options after. Unfortunately I don’t understand my test results very well. Not sure I want to go straight for TRT either. Not too fond of some of the side effects. He said my testicles will shrink like raisins, is this true?

Considering all this, can you tell if clomid may work for me with these results? Do I have a bad doctor if he’s not testing E2, Estradiol?


Post ALL lab results with ranges. Get and retain labs from doctors.

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Clomid is not going to work if your testes are not working. Need to know your LH/FSH lab results.

prolactin if younger <35
fasting cholesterol
PSA if >40

You need to know more than the docs. The stickies are your road there.

Here’s what I have so far:
Link to my labs:

Cholesterol 118 mg/dL <200 mg/dL
Triglycerides 57 mg/dL <200 mg/dL Final
HDL Cholesterol 63 mg/dL
LDL Cholesterol 44 mg/dL <159 mg/dL Final
chol/HDL Ratio 1.87

He didn’t test E2/Estradiol, unfortunately. Waiting on MRI and then hopefully will be able to test that as well.

Also, I’m a 32 year old male.

There is a major part of your problem. Cholesterol is way too low.

Total cholesterol <160 is associated with increased all-cause mortality.

Cholesterol is the foundation for creation of the whole steroid hormone cascade, also affecting your ability to make Vit-D3. Cholesterol has other important roles in the body.

You can test Vit-D25 and probably need 5-6,000iu Vit-D3 supplements, look for tiny oil based caps.

We do see some guys with low cholesterol.
Is you diet extreme low fat?

MRI is often subsequent to elevated prolactin.
Any loss of width of peripheral vision, should be near 180 degrees.

Low fat? Not particularly. I have always had extremely low cholesterol. Even when my diet consisted of fast food when I was a in my early 20s. I have since gotten much healthier. I was 260lbs a year ago, diet and exercise brought me down to where I’m at now (205ish).

I’m still trying to lose weight, but not really paying attention to what I’m eating (just staying away from junk, eating less, exercising as much as possible with the amount of energy I have). You know, it’s funny. My doctor acted like I won the lottery with those cholesterol numbers.

I also got my D levels tested back in June, I was at 28 (range 30+). Not extremely low, but low. I work nights, so I began taking 5,000 UI per day. I also take a fish oil supplement.

How can I effectively raise cholesterol without being extremely unhealthy about it? I’m very curious about my estrogen numbers now. I should have done more research before seeing my Endo.