I Have High Blood Albumin Levels

For extra scratch I donate blood plasma. Or I used to until the resident MD there informed me that my blood protein levels, specifically albumin, were too high. I asked this guy a) what would cause this and b) what this meant for my health, and he could only respond that my levels were too high to donate and I’m not sick. He even showed me a nice graph, with albumin peaking at the top of the measurable range (other proteins were within the normal ranges).

So, I figured I’d ask the members here what this means. No, I do not use steroids or prohormones nor have I recently (I tried a PH cycle 4 years ago). I posted this here because the members of this subforum seem to have all the answers regarding blood work. Apologies if this was wrong.

I do follow the anabolic diet, if that matters, and I suspect it might.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve had high levels before and it’s a non-issue in all likelihood.

While I know what caused my levels to rise (and that also included globulin in my case, ie. higher total protein levels), in non-users like you, albumin bumps up when your dehydrated. Odds are your levels normalized within a day.

Actually, I was tested twice with two-weeks in between. Protein levels were high both times.

Thanks for your response, though. I’ll try drinking more water.

But your globulin was normal, huh? Did you get a full printout of the blood panel by chance?