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I Have Ghosts in My Home


I am pretty darn sure I have ghosts in my home. I really don't believe in ghosts and think most of what people think are ghosts is actually the mind playing tricks or just coincidences.

Ok the first thing that happens to me which I think is weird is the garage door getting locked from the inside, so when i go to open the garage this very loud banging noise occurs (because the lock has been enabled). So I pull the metal slider out of the locked position and then open the door fine. I suppose the latch could trigger itself, but seems pretty impossible.

The other night I heard this voice coming from the bathroom next to my room, well I was half asleep and yelled something back...Then I hear this loud popping noise coming toward me into the bedroom from the bathroom and right on top of me. Then the popping noise persists and sounds like it's coming from under my pillow, i proceeded to try to ignore it while slamming my head down on the pillow in an effort to get it to stop. It really freaked me out!

A couple years ago I actually had a impath come into my house, she said there was a women ghost hiding in the bathroom and a bad man ghost trying to get her from outside of the bathroom. There are actually scratch marks on top of the door and on the doors under the bathroom sink. I really doubt any ghosts did this, but it is pretty strange.

A little background on the house. It was built by this German man and women, it's the most unique looking house in my town. She was very paranoid..there are no windows facing the front, and you have to go through a courtyard to get to the front door, the main bedroom entrance is a door which is disguised as a book shelf. This place is really fortified. When I bought it, it had been vacant for two years because the owners died and they had no next of kin.

So every time I do something to the house in the order of home improvement, weird stuff starts happening. i would like to just sell it and move, but the market sucks!

Crazy huh?


Ghost sex!!

Stick it in her paranormal pooper.


I didn't bother reading your wall.

You don't have a ghost in your house.


I see what you did there.


I don't believe in ghosts, but some crazy shit keeps happening...i really want to move, but it's not really practical right now.


Woah this is friggin horrifying. What I would suggest is videotaping this.. try to get some sort of footage, maybe put a taperecorder in the bathroom each night... see what you get. Then when something comes up, you burn the house down!


I don't wanna start shit, but... you might die tonight.

Lol jk.

I hope you don't end up dying and it gets back to me... damn


Cool. I mean.. COOL!

"The other night I heard this voice coming from the bathroom next to my room, well I was half asleep and yelled something back..."

What did you said? "STFU MAN ITS 2:30am!!!"? Cause I kinda did that.

Dunno man, you obviously don't believe in ghosts, but all these strange shit going on in your house.. COOL!!!

"So every time I do something to the house in the order of home improvement, weird stuff starts happening."

I live in filth and trash. Works for me. No ghost is dumb enough to enter my dump.


I donno man, that would freak me out something feirce though.

That popping sound, it just got closer and closer to you until it was nder your pillow??

I don't think I'd be sleeping after that unless I could figure out what it was.


Yah I'm thinking "how do I get these bitches to leave?" I don't want to be worry about this shit. I need to get Jennifer Love Hewitt (ghost whisperer) over to my house so I can bang her, ummm I mean get rid of the ghosts!

I have to tell you the popping noise was the only time i was truly freaked out..I don't know how i could have imagined that.


Shit now that was funny!

OP that creeps me out for sure. I don't believe in ghosts but creepy. Why not get someone to stand inside the garage to notice if it locks my itself when you go out?






How do you find the pooper?


  • Adam


You might want to rent and watch The Entity with Barbara Hershey (old scary flick) which is based on a true story supposedly. I think this may be the same spirit from that movie which now appears to be after you.

Good luck and sleep with your back against the wall.

Edit: Or you may get the paranormal in your pooper.



I'm going to rent that movie...Did they end up moving?

Was that the movie where the ghost was on top of the women and you could see the weight impressions on the girls body when the ghost was bangin her?

That's was a scary ass movie!




Roll her in ectoplasm and look for the wet spot. Um...I think..


ghost poop


Fire is the cleanser!!!