I have been on a 4 month journey

Man I have not seen an issue of Testosterone for 4 months, I have been a journey taking me from one place to the next. here is a short run down. I almost moved to CS Co , was gonna start my training business from charles old domain met with the owners, met a playmate spent a week in vail with her. met some rappers went on tour with them to vegas, then I started rapping, now I have a cd finished my manager manages 2 short, mary j blidge and exhibit. I may be working with tyson, met his people in vegas along with michael schumachers people ( I want to race formula one as well as train him. Talked to anna kournikovas people, I’m planning on writing a book, I’m finshing a tv show trying to get Testosterone to attach to it they have the proposal called extreme fitness. during this time workouts were bleak, and dieting was tough. but in vegas I was 200 lbs at 7 percent bf 100% clean. I was also planning on writing many articles for t-mag since they are my inspiration.
badger them to get me to write some of my stories. they are defenitely tman worthy, as well as my training protocols that got me to so many professional athletes and my best friend is on tour with nysnc and britney training them. yum yum. -


Tapper, with all due respect my man, you seem like rapping would better suit you than writing. Good luck in your endeavors.