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I have an Idea

I kind of got this from the frequent and furious training article by C.S. Sloan and Poliquin’s idea of training twice per day. It also adds greasing the grove into this and kind of Bill Star’s heavy light medium routine. And a lil bit of westside too i guess. I like to make up stuff like this. On paper it looks like it will work to me but i’m going to try it and find out. Here it is. All these exercises are just examples you can use whatever you want. This is just what i’ll be doing.
Day 1- A.M.
bench press- find your 1RM
box squat- find your 1RM
Good morning- 3x8,progress up in weight
ballistic bench- 15%1RM- 8x3
jumping box squat- 15%1RM- 8x3
rear delt raise- 3 x 8
Day 2- A.M
bench press- work up to 80%1RM x 3
box squat- work up to 80%1RM x 3
reverse hyper- 3 x 10
bench press(chains) 40%1RM- 8x3
box squat(chains)- 40%1RM- 8x2
chest supported row- 3 x 8
Day 3- A.M.
bench press- work up to 90%1RM x 1
box squat- work up to 90%1RM x 1
Glute ham raise- 3x5

Then you would go for a new 1RM of bench and box squat on the following week by maybe 5 lbs or so. So there it is, i would do it on a 3 day split, mon, wed, fri, or tues, thurs, sat. Which ever. But i would also changed the 2 main exercises after 2 weeks. The 3rd exercise is basically supplemental for your week points. I dunno if this will work, but theres no way to find out unless you try right. Hey if anybody else happens to try this, please let me know the results.

I forgot to add the Day 3 P.M. workout.
Day 3-P.M.
iso-ballistic pushups- 6x3
bodyweight pause jump squats- 6x3, pause for 5 seconds at the bottom position.

When training for power, I would recommend using around 30% 1RM. Therefore, on Day 1 in the PM session, bump up the intensity slightly.