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I Have Access to a Food Wholesaler Now


Not like Sam's club or Costco, but the people that supply them. A lady I work is going out with a guy that works at this place, he got me a catalogue...you should see this, it's like 500 items. Sorry, I'm bulking right now so I'm super excited.


sweet so you can get roasts, steaks, fresh fish and good chicken from them cheaper than you would get it from sams?


Poptarts and peanut butter?

  1. Meat
  2. Fresh/Flash Frozen Fruit & Vegetables
  3. Healthy Fats


don't you have a facebook or twitter or something?


How exactly are you working this lady who goes out with a guy that works at that place?


shit. Freudian slip


Exactly; I have a list of things I want made up of turkey breast, lean steak cuts, olive oil, walnuts, and frozen blueberries so far.


yah, in some cases less than $1.00 per pound.