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I have a workout date in about a week or so...any advice?

Never been on one before. I want to workout on my own but the girl I’m working out with won’t be able to lift what I lift so do I just lift with her and show her the ropes or do we just go our separate ways during the workout. Thanks.

A workout date?!? Is she a serious lifter? If not, I am guessing you will probably spend most of the time chatting and/or helping her. I would try to get in a good workout beforehand sometime, that way you don’t have to be overly concerned when you don’t get much done with her (training wise, that is).

Start her off on some heavy squats. Say…365. :slight_smile:

Probably the best thing you can do is workout with dumbells. That way she has a pair right enought for her, and so do you. And you can spot each other easily. Another alternative is to reserve two of each stations. For instance, have a squat rack (or bench) set with your weights, and another set with hers. Or, you can workout earlier in the day by yourself, and when you meet her for your date, go lite. But don’t tell her that you already worked out. Do whatever you can, just don’t ditch her.

No, pooh, he should have her curl in the squat rack. wicked laughter

Seriously, do your workout before, then you can enjoy yourself showing her around the gym.

Yeah, Patricias got the best advice. Everytime I’ve gone to the gym with a chick, I’ve totally wasted my own time with what I call ‘babysitting’. I had to do it when I got my father a gym membership. Eventualaly I found myself doing my own workouts in the morning, only to return at night and ‘supervise’ him -lol With a chick though, don’t make it obvious that you’re not really doing your own thing.

Unless you follow reeshdawg’s advice and work with dumbells or two stations of everything, or if you are built like a little girl anyway - it’s going to be obvious that you are “babysitting” her. So what? Let it be obvious. Get your workout in beforehand and then devote your time to training her, motivating her and of course, stroking her ego. But stroke it by devoting your attention to her, not by lowering your workout standards to her level. What girl wants to date a guy that works out with girlie weights?

Once you read this reply you will not be able to stop having nasty thoughts as you spot her doing bench presses. hehehe

Why don’t you just lift what you lift and teach her how to spot. And show her the ropes also. You get the best of both worlds now.

A workout date? Don’t count on it being too intense. You may even want to modify or set up a routine that will cater more to her needs/goals.

I do recall spotting a girl that I was seeing once. It was on the squat and my mind went straight into the gutter. There was no way that I could have trained seriously with that girl. So I guess it depends on your intentions with her to a certain degree.

I recently had the same dilemma when I worked out with char-dawg. I suggest working out beforehand unless you want to change the weights for every exercise and babysit the whole time like I had to. Heh, just kidding char.

I worked out with a female just a couple days ago. I had her join with me doing my routine. I would do my set, strip some plates off and she would go. I gave a quick intro and we went at it in a typical “I go, you go” fashion. I expained stuff during the rest periods. She was a newbie, but caught on real quick. I had no problem getting my workout and keeping up the intensity. In fact that session I was able to put up more weight probably because I had some extra T following due to the fact that attractive women always excite me. Just had to be careful when I stood up or layed down on a bench. If she’s new to lifting, I would suggest that you kept the volume low, doing sets of 6 for example, that way she won’t be too sore the following day, which might put her off from lifting.

Thanks for the replies. Working out earlier in the day is a good idea but I have time constraints and that would be pretty hard to do. I think I’m prolly gonna do what Cezar said and just do what I do then strip the weights on the bench and incline and let her go, then when we get to dumbbells, it’ll be easier since she has her own. I just love the pump on my chest on chest days. I just hope the gym isn’t jam packed with every machine being taken. Then after the lifting, we can do some ab work together and run for 10 minutes afterwards. Perfect.

Ah, if only I were on my regular (read: unlimited time) computer. I could give this the response it deserves…

Actually, Machine IS a stud and is much stronger than I am. Of course, the fact that he’s still in diapers sort of ruins the whole chains-on-the-squat-bar effect. :slight_smile:

It went well, she got there when I was on my last set on bench and spotted me well, we did a few tricep exercises and me and her rotated on incline and decline bench then I showed her squats and deadlifts (she couldn’t do deadlifts) then we ended it by doing some ab exercises together.

Thx 4 Tha advice ya’ll.

Glad it went well. If there is a next time, get your workout in before hand, or most of it. Then run to the locker room and strip off your jock or underwear and put on loose fitting shorts. Now you can offer to spot her during her bench pressing! Make sure the gym is not too cold though.