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I Have a Weird Body


I'm pretty much an ectomorph and actually an all-around skinny bastard until i've started out recently. only thing strange is i have somewhat of a gut while the rest of me is rather lean.

I'm 6'4 190ish which could explain the lanky bit.

anyway, i have a basic 4 day upper body/lower body/rest weightlifting routine going on and i was wondering where i could throw in some cardio to lose my flab


Same here. Skinny ass, fat belly.

Im guessing youre over 25? I was always lean til my mid 20s.

Do your cardio on non weight days or whenever you like really.


skinny but have a gut?

that's probably a postural problem

if you sit all day (like in front of a computer), then you probably have anterior pelvic tilt, tight hip flexors, and weak abs... which will cause your gut to hang out


OH Squat is a magnificent posture improving exercise. That and actually sitting and walking right and having a decent bed / mattress.


Agreed. Most people have postural problems. The suggestions are good.


MOre than likely, you don't eat enough calories (hence the skinny, lanky, ectomorphic body and very low bodyweight for height) yet the QUALITY of your diet is poor thus causing insulin resistance and abdominal fat storage. I see it ALL THE TIME.

If the quantity (calories) is poor (low), you're gonna weigh less/be skinny. This is simple physics and pretty straightforward.

But if the quality is poor (type of food/calories), you're going to store a lot of those calories - particularly in the gut area.


Eat more, but drastically improve the QUALITY of your diet. Eat VERY clean like you were on a strict diet, just eat a large quantity of clean, high quality foods in numerous, frequent feedings.


Upload some photos.
It'll make it a lot easier for us.


I've got a similar height/weight/body type situation. One thing I've noticed is that putting on weight is actually helping... a clean bulking diet and good workouts seem to add to the "rest." I spent a couple of years just worrying about the flab, just not eating enough and doing lots of cardio and crunches, and at least for me that was NOT the way to go. It's a little counterintuitive.... Shoot for adding 20 good lbs and see how the overall appearance changes.


Holy crap, this explains a lot of things ha. How would I fix this?


some postural articles:

heal that hunchback

neanderthal no more (5 parts)


"Rolfing/Structural Integration" works well for many people. I just started it because the main goal of it is to completely re-align your posture to make it as good as it can be. Of course the human body isn't 100% symmetrical but I want to get it as close as possible.

Anything you might want to know about "structural integration" is posted or linked at this thread...


P.S. The links posted in the post above this one are awesome.


What was is that the prof said?

"Skinny guys think they have a belly cause they dont know what its like to be full."
-Professor X


The last thing this guy needs is to be focusing on weight loss. Any skinny guy with no muscle is going to appear soft and flabby regardless of how lean they are. Gaining muscle will help that issue. At 6'4", and 190lbs, you are focused on losing weight?


Just wants an excuse to look at naked lanky men.

just kidding


Why would you want to lose the flab? It's difficult to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

Bulk now and cut later.


Not if your a new lifter.

Ie, poor diet, and no exercise before starting on a good diet, with 4 + hours per week of exercise.

How long this can continue is the real question.


True. A new lifter doesn't have to focus on gaining mass or losing fat to make good progress. Lifting hard, cleaning up the diet, and eating for hunger will put on muscle and trim fat. Shouldn't take all the long to look much different. And then focus on really adding some mass.


yeahhh i admit i'm a new lifter and so far i've always been able to get away with drinking coke/7-up and eating chips here and there because of my metabolism but it's eventually starting to creep up on me :slightly_smiling: