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I Have a Serious Concern about Being on TRT, Need Advice

How many of all you guys on here being on either form of T.R.T where it is 10% Compounded cream in my case.

or Injections had to Donate their Blood at Red Cross or whatever to reduce your Blood viscosity from increased red blood cell count / Hematocrit? Also do the Men on

Compounded Cream Suffer from higher Hematocrit than the Injection Users? or would that be taking shots increase it more, i need to know this, so i can be ready to donate blood when the given moment arises.

I don’t Fancy any Strokes on T.R.T just to have a normal testosterone. I am assuming Hematocrit will increase regardless of the Dose used… so how many of you about 90% or less? Otherwise it might put me off to be honest with Worry.

Unless you have a certain type of blood clotting disorder, a certain type of cancer or heart disease strokes while on TRT do to higher hematocrit isn’t going to happen. They are men living at high altitude who have high hematocrit and are doing just fine.

I’ve never had to donate because I’m not on absurdly high TRT doses, those who choose to run supraphysiological doses may need to donate regularly.

There are some men who have higher hematocrit and estrogen levels on creams, creams are messy and injections are clean, no need to worry about transferring to others.

Few doctors truly understand how the TRT game is played, most doctors don’t even know what tests to run or what they represent. You really need a hormone specialists, not some garden variety endo or urologists.

Catch 22, there are no hormone specialists inside insurance networks.

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Back now, my wife said too Take a Valium, because i been on T.R.T 10% Cream which you know isn’t 100% absorbed for about only 2 WEEKS on the stuff.

she said too Chill as at moment i am Over Looking it all. She’s right lol.

Make sure your doctor monitors estrogen, if you doctor is unconcerned with managing and monitoring estrogen, find another doctor. An increase in estrogen cause me to excessively worry, something I never felt before in my life.

Men should use the LC/MS/MS sensitive method for measuring estrogen, any other test is invalid.

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i will search now online for LC/MS estrogen testing what does that stand for the LC/MS do you know, i will make sure order that one.

Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry. Head over to discount labs, it explains everything in great detail.

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systemlord my good Brother, how long exactly have you been on TRT so far up until now? how many Years? and how was your HCT Blood percentage every time?? along with Hemoglobin?

my Hematocrit pre-trt was almost PRE-anaemia i was very Tired from not doing much Work. and worn out pretty Easily. it was 39.5%

Pubmed NCBI Website good source says this 40% to 54% even? a lot of good research from PubMED too.

Everyone doesn’t have hemacrit issues from trt. I’ve been on injections for 6 years and I must donate about 3 times a year do to it but everyone is different. I’m not sure about the absorption rate of the cream but I can tell you that trt is not a set it and forget it program. YOU must take charge of your numbers and not rely on the Dr.


Thank you Magnumd for chiming in too brother, good to meet you man.

What’s your opinion guys of this too, a search i just did coming directly from PubMed?

I was full blown anaemic and had a Total T of 120, Free T 7.7. Muscles were wasting and had trouble doing simple everyday activities such as climbing a flight of stairs or going to the bathroom. High blood pressure and 100+ heart rate. Hematocrit was 43% during all of it, now it’s 46.5%.

You know most go to higher elevation to get hematocrit higher because it increases exercise capacity. One way to keep hematocrit under control is smaller more frequent injections, I inject 20mg EOD do to low SHBG. I respond fast to testosterone which isn’t common among low SHBG men.

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WOW what a TESTIMONY SystemLord bro, i bet you had so much relief to get on Testosterone replacement Therapy TRT, in fact i bet it saved your life!!! if you had trouble climbing the staircase of your own home brother.

My hct initially went up to 49 then after a few months on trt went back down to my normal 45-46.

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Kinda stabilized it self then Charlie, nice bro.

This is OLD Ancient Post man, when i first went on Cream, i am over any idea of T.R.T having any dangers what so ever. I know the total literature about it now. Can ignore this old post of mine bro. Thanks though bro @enackers

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Why does it pop up on my list haha… I’m deleting… I’ll
Keep an eye on the dates form now on… again

I don’t see any need to delete the post. The thread would remain bumped anyhow.

And, while it’s great that OP’s knowledge base has grown since starting the thread, 6 months is hardly ancient. Guys have tried bumping threads from 2008. That’s ancient.

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