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I Have a Posture Problem


Hello T-Nation, i have some serious posture problems mainly due to sitting computer all day. I have read up on Mr. EC and Mr. Roberson's article. please help me out. what should i do. i do mainly compound exercises squats, bench press, dead lifts. i have hunchback, forward shoulder, forward head, and weak lowers, anterior pelvis tilt leaving me with Lordosis so basically i am stuck please help me out. I am a visual learner. Thanks a lot.


The back picture!


You've pretty much pinpointed all of your problems, but we can only give you a very general break down for what to do. What is your history of injuries like? Are you just looking for a different explanation for what to do?


I have been doing research for quite some times now. Thanks! i have no injuries at all. i need better explanation on how to handle the problems i have and workout that i can follow. Goal - better posture while improving strength if that's even possible. :frowning: I am 19 yrs old.


I've definitely had trouble in the past related to sitting in a chair all day. Strength and hypertrophy work helps, definitely, but there are also some steps you can take to reduce the negative effect while at your desk. The Greatist Team outlines some here: http://www.greatist.com/health/the-best-way-to-sit-at-a-desk/

Hope that helps, and good luck in the gym!


Start stretching your pecs, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings. Start training your posterior chain with a lot of volume (i.e. GHR, back extensions(not hyper extensions), RDL, single leg deadlifts, reverse hypers, chinups, rows, basically any sort of upper back exercise.)

Also, EC and Robertson have tons of stuff on mobility and poster correction exercises. Correcting your posture issues will also improve the way you move and your ability to perform the big exercises, which will lead to an improvement in strength. So from the get go, your goal of improving you posture and still getting stronger is highly feasible.


stretch the shit out of hip flexors and forearms.

Focus on back work.


what specific exercises do you guys recommend?? any programs ?? Thanks Guys!


Rows, deadlifts, pullups, chinups, the list goes on...


what others have said, and go buy yourself a stiff bed to sleep on. I mean really stiff so its uncomfortable stiff like a board. Allot of Chinese people sleep this way, it will help with your posture because sleeping on a stiff surface forces you to stay on your back most of the time.

I have been sleeping on a bed like this for about a year now and my posture has improved considerably. It takes a while to get use to it, but now I couldn't sleep on anything else as it feels too soft. And don't use a normal pillow, use a flat 2 inch thick peace of sponge. Good luck.


On back day finish off with tons of rear delt flys, 10 sets of 10 say. Lots of leg raises for the lordosis.


stop sitting on your ass all day.


These are all good responses. Keep up the good work guys


I also noticed I had a pretty bad posture problem about 8-9 months ago. Since then, it has greatly improved. I like using this test to make sure my posture stays proper:

Stand with your back to a wall. Your heels, butt, shoulder blades, and head should touch the wall.

You want to keep your head back with chin down like you have a double chin, your shoulder blades down and back, and push your rib cage up and out. It takes some practice, but it's not too hard to improve if you are conscience of it. Basically, you want to try to maintain the two natural curves at your back, from the base of your head to your shoulders, and then your your upper back to the base of your spine.

Also, if you don't want to sit all day, you should try a standing desk. Basically, its your desk only at the height at which you can work on while standing up. Some desks can be modified so you can sit down and still work while you take a break from standing. I tried a standing desk over the summer and it helped a ton! So now I use one all the time (I can sit or stand at it). It has a ton of benefits including better posture, burning more calories, and some say they feel more productive while they are standing up. If you want to get really fancy, instead of standing you can walk on a treadmill while on the computer. I know a guy who's done that and a pace of about 1-2 miles an hour you can walk for hours.

Another thing you can try is to put things that you need while at the computer like kleenex or your phone in a location where you have to stand up and walk over to get those items. That way it forces you to stand up every so often.

I found that lat pull-downs helped a lot with my posture too as long as you have good posture when you do them.