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I Have a Nice Little Patch of Grass

I have a nice little patch of grass…outside, in my backyard. I definitely want to make it into some sort of conditioning/agility work/speed work type of area. I just don’t know what the hell to do with it specifically or where to start. Iâ??m in college, but not a college athlete, I just think it’s fun to improve my athleticism with my spare time. Hey, grandmas like to knit, I like training.

Big Problem though, I know next to nothing about speed & agility training and conditioning. Can anybody help a noob out with this type of stuff. Any tips would be cool. If you can send me to any links/books/materials that would be cooler. Thanks

P.S. - I’m 20 yrs old.
5ft 8inches (1.73 meters)
160 lbs (72.5 kgs)

Max lifts
Squat - 315 lbs
Deadlift - 415 lbs
Bench Press - 260 lbs