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I Have A Lot of Weight to Lose

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet…

I’m 5’11" 250 lbs. I don’t know what my body fat percentage is right now, but lets face it, at my current weight I know it’s horrible.I’m a kinesiology major, wanting to enter the field of sports nutrition and exercise science. I do energy systems work two times a week at school. I desperately want to look the part, and lead a long healthy lifestyle as well.

I’ve been lifting regularly since the beginning of the year. My brother is a great powerlifter up in Seattle and he helps me out a great deal with my workouts.
I posted a link if you’d like to check him out!

Last week I started a low carb, high protein nutritional approach.

Here’s a rundown of my diet:
Any comments that would be beneficial to me would be greatly appreciated.

supplementation: 10g fish oil, ZMA, vitamin c, bcaa’s, multi-vitamin
morning: 2 eggs w/ egg whites, bacon
meal 2: 2 hard boiled eggs/celery with natural pb/ or whey protein w/ bcaa’s
lunch: chicken breast w/ green veggies, slice cheese
meal 4: more green veggies/salad/whey protein/eggs OR pb
Dinner: lean meat (1/2 lb.) and green veggies
optional: whey protein

what adjustments can I make?



I am adding up less than 1200 calories depending on how much bacon and PB you are eating.

Have you tried using Fitday.com to log your calories?

Have you figured out your maintenance calories? Use this link to figure out your maintenance calories.


I have an Excel Spreadsheet that I use to track my calories and the macronutrient ratios. I do the AD diet which it looks like you are following also.

If you want I can send you the spreadsheet, or like I said, definitely try Fitday.

You might want to vary your protein sources.

Is there a reason you don’t have tuna or any fish or shellfish listed?

try the t-dawg 2.0. it’s a pretty simple layout. 1200/day is pretty much a crash diet for almost anyone. start with a reasonably high amount of calories say bodyweight x15, 1.5g protein/lb, make up the rest with healthy fats and maybe Surge or some kind of whey+simple carbs, and do a carb-up with HEALTHY CARBS (t-dawg in a nutshell) and do the minimum amount of training to create a stimulus so that you have somewhere to go.

Progression whether it be diet and/or training is the only to keep losing fat. DO NOT DO THE VELOCITY RIGHT NOW. i would try add a fiber supplement and more fish oil to increase insulin sensitivity.