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I Have a Hiatal Hernia and I'm Worried


So, I found out that I have a hiatal hernia after seeing a gastro. I already met with a surgeon and signed the papers to have surgery. Two days later the gastro calls me and tells me the hernia is too small for surgery and to just ween off the proton pump pills. That of course is not going to work. So I went and had an Esophageal manometry. I’m waiting on the results, but I’m afraid she might tell me that the hernia is too small, despite me throwing up after the test and me having to drink malux almost every night. Has anyone else had to go through this? Also, I’m worried about if I can go back to deadlifting and squatting after surgery. I never got to reach my goal of squatting and deadlifting in the 400 range, even if the low 400 range. I was about to deadlift up to 375 before I had flat foot corrective surgery.