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I Have a Dream...


More of an idea really.

I spend a lot of time on T-Nation, powerlifting forum mainly, just lurking and learning from the big guys on here. I don't know about anyone else here, but I don't frequent other websites other than elitefts, mainly because I feel I am a TESTOSTERONE kinda guy.

Ok I'll just skip all the shit and get to my idea. A strongest of T-Nation board. I'm thinking show the top ten strongest lifters in each weight class, only members of T-Nation of course. And video's too or it didn't happen. Best of each lift and best totals.

I think it would also help beginners know where they stand. And also give people that aren't yet competeing (like me) some type of competition and goals.

Good Idea? or BigTime Dumbass Idea? Pleas let me know.


Another pissing contest? I'm in. But yes videos would be a must otherwise it's just like it is now with everyone claiming they do this or that with all sorts of different "standards" for what depth is on squat/bench. I'd even suggest having a judging panel. I know we've got a few people here that are actual judges and if they had the time and didn't mind they could review. It'd be kind of cool and a way for some of us to "compete" if there isn't a meet anytime soon.


I'm in for an online powerlifting meet. The weight classes would have to be based on honesty though. I think someone did something like this a long time ago but T-Nation would stand a far better chance of it actually succeeding.


It's pretty easy about the weight classes. Simply video tape you standing on the scale and say everyone has to weigh in X amount of hours prior to their lifts. Yes some honesty comes into play but I really doubt it'll be too much of an issue here, especially in the powerlifting forum. As said, video of all lifts is required and we could ask some of our vets here to judge it.


Would need to assign standardized camera angles. (Certain angles make judging a squat near impossible)


Yea. If not a meet at least a board of the strongest at the Nation. Much like the BBing forums best of the best sticky.

Also if somebody lies about their weight they would be lying to theirself really, because the whole point is to see how other members are doing in their weight class.


This sounds like a fun idea, I'd be in for it.


if its for powerlifting, why not just post a link to actual meet results? takes alot of the nonsense out of it.


If you're relying on honesty for weigh-in times, why not just make it easy and count on honesty for weight class? Anybody that would actually lie about their weight class is just pathetic...i would never videotape myself stepping onto a scale because that is just queer...but im all about posting some lifts


Maybe to make those who have to cut weight actually cut weight and then do their lifts? I mean I can see some people just saying "well I weigh 10-15 lbs above my weight class, but I know I can make the weight so I'll just save myself the trouble and not cut since I'll just come back up after I get food/rehydrate etc." Personally if we do this for real I won't be cutting weight and I'll just stay in a higher weight class but I could see that thought process going on. Might be good for some to actually get some practice in making weight.


I like the idea but like another poster suggested, you could post a link to actual meet results. Also, I don't know how many people who regularly have to make weight and rehydrate and have actual meets coming up, would bother doing it for an on-line thing. It's draining and sucks.


Linking the results would be perfect, but the whole point is T-Nation members only. So if somebody videos their meet, share them and they'll be put up on the board. Members could see right up front who the strongest are, and who they should listen to.

As for people lying about weight, I doubt it will happen. I see no benefit to doing that.