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I Have a Bicep Problem

So about maybe 6 months ago I hurt my bicep coming down and going up to fast off of a chin up. I have been off and on lifting and I can do just about any lift but curls and chin ups with out pain. I can do pull ups (back of my hand face closest to me) without much pain at all, but when I do chin ups (palm facing me) I cant do any. When curling the first few hurt but after like 3 its smooth sailing. If this is a slight tear will it heal over time? Can I work through the pain and stimulate the muscle to fix itself? The pain is inside of the arm opposite of the elbow.

hi mate

the simple solution in your case would be to rest the muscle group, ie: steer clear of back and bicep work, and allow the muscle a chance to heal. Simple strategy.

Utilise some anti inflammotories if the pain gets too much to bear, but the most important thing for you to do now is REST.