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I Have 5 Questions


Hello everyone,

I have 5 questions I'd like some help with.

1-When I open an amp and pull it to the syringe can I let it sit for a day before injecting? I just replace the needle before injecting.

2-Ive been taking deca and sustanon for 6 months now. theyre the same products from the beginning. they come from the pharmacy. The results (the feeling I get from them) seem to be slowing down even though out of panic I'm injecting more (700mg for deca vs 400mg when I started. sustanon 1000mg vs 750mg when started). Does the body get used to it to the point it isnt effective and then its time to switch?

3-I recently bought some gear and Im not 100% certain its legit. I bought
primo/test suspension/trenbolone/equipose/propionate. I've been hitting tren125/primo100prop50 (1ml each for 3 days now) and finishing my sustanon/deca as well (as I have addisons disease I will have to take either sus or testoviron depot all the time-been taking it since 16yo)

I can say I feel something but nothing holy s*** this feels great. how long before things kick in? although I havent had a workout yet to see how I feel.

when I started the deca/primobolan with my sustanon it took 2 weeks to really feel it and 5 weeks when I was shocked at how fast my body was changing from the primo. But I thought with tren the effect would be immediate or is 3 days too little to really make a decision? my diet is very consistent and clean for almost a year now. I only cheated last week when I ate some sashimi and white rice. Im 6' at 90kg (around 200lbs)

4-I read you can take test suspension before a workout. So, how much should I take and how much time before it kicks in?

5-is nandrolone decanoate the same substance no matter what company you use? meaning if I take a 1ml dose of 200mg from company A or from B (given they are both quality companies and are actually dosed 200mg of the same substance), is it ok to jump from one company to another while in a cycle and have no delays in the effect?

thanks for your time and help.


you can't keep making gains on gear forever, your body's too smart for that, even if you up your dose. Most people who stay on year around blast and cruise, which would mean taking a replacement dose of test for a couple months and then going back to your current dosages. Then you would see good gains again.


You've been on nearly 2g of anabolics for 6 months straight?

Hope you won't miss your raisins.


Thanks for the heads up but unfortunately I have Addison's disease which means I have fertility issues and need test all the time. Since I was 15/16yo.
I take hydrocortisone day to day to live.Which is very catabolic. If I don't get test I can't get it up and this is from 15/16yo. I'm now 39.it's not any different with me on or off the gear. I can't have children( no sperm in the leche caliente) nor do I want any. Ive always had small testes. JFK had the disease as well. If I don't use steroids I don't grow at all. Nothing. I get weaker each workout. It's 2kilos gain and 1.9 loss. In fact if I don't use gear I lose a lot of muscle fast and get soft. Even when I watch my diet.

Can others please reply to the questions I asked please.


1 - yes

2 - diminishing returns exists

3 - who knows

4 - do a search

5 - yes


If your medical issues require the perpetual use of testosterone I would do some reading and try to learn a bit more-no offense, I am no expert, but it would benefit you in the long run...

1: Possibly, but I wouldn't. Draw the gear into a 5ml syringe and leave it in there, changing the needle before each shot, but using each 'used' one to draw out gear from the next vial.

2: You can't keep gaining forever. The best thing to do now is run the minimum amount of steroids you possibly can, for me this is 100mg test a week, for at least 8 weeks, this will increase the sensitivity of the androgen receptors (I think) and you should experience another growth spurt when you increase the dose. You try and reduce the dose periodically anyway for health reasons, have you had blood work done?

3: Do you have tren ace or tren enan? Tren ace will kick is same day virtually but enan ma take ten days. What dose are you using?

4: I have heard of people using 100mg pre workout, I would imagine it takes an hour or so, that is the maximum time I would call pre workout andif I use dbol or drol pre workout I take it an hour before.

5: Yes.


Thank you all for your help and opinions. I really appreciate you taking the time.

1-reason why I ask is because the sus came in amps instead of vials and I'd like to split the weekly 1g dose up daily. But I'm guessing injecting half one day and the other the next wouldn't be smart since some blood can get in the syringe.

2-will the body adapt even if I switch to different steroids. Meaning 5/6 months of A/B/C gear then switch to D/E/F gear then back after 5/6 months ?
I can't be without gear it's a waste of my time and energy to train/eat since I make no gains without it. Yes I did a blood test 2 months ago. Good cholesterol down , bad up total quite low. Test levels 4 times the highest average (duh! Of course it will be) haha

3-I have trenbolone acetate 125mg. Been hitting 3 days now of 1ml but nothing special.Are we allowed to say the UG name?

4-I took 2 shots of 100mg (ml) shots one at 11am then an hour before workout. It was a decent workout but nothing special. It happened in my last workout ( legs) and last night back chest but my bones really hurt to the point I could not squat.

5- ok good to know

Thanks again all


I was gonna answer his qu's in the exact same format! damn got there before me.
But yeah, X2.


Draw the oil out of the amp. Draw 3 amps if you want. Then take a new barre and take the plunger out and squirt the desired about of oil into the new syringe.

Then be careful putting the plunger back on so oil doesnt come out of the needle.

Or you can just draw the oil out and change the needle each time. Its not a big deal to do that, and is somewhat common.

What I recommend? Take a new, sterile vial and transfer all of the oil from the amps into the vial. If that's not possible, go with what I wrote above.


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