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I Have 12 Days! Help!


Hi, quick question for you strength sport aficionado's: I was working out at my local gym today and saw a flier for a "tactical strength challenge" competition on September 8 at my gym. I looked up the details and basically it is a three attempt deadlift for max weight contest, a max reps pull up contest, and a max reps kettle bell snatch (with 24ish lbs) contest. The winner being the person who gets the highest placing on all three events.

Its "international" in that ten other gyms around the world are also holding this event on that day and adding their results together to determine a worldwide winner. Well, needless to say, for an entry fee of five dollars, it really appealed to me.

And also, it kind of suits my training: I weigh approximately 168 (as of today), have a pr deadlift of 520 (sans suit or straps), have done 25 straight pullups (recently, about a week ago), and have no idea how many times i can snatch that kettlebell but figure I will do ok.

Long story short, heres my problem: my pr deadlift of 520 was about a year ago, my biggest deadlift recently was 405 (I figured I would do a few reps with it and it came up once, quite a shock), my body weighs the same and I have been working out continuously (my squat has gone up, stronger in other areas) but a 100 lb+ hit on the deadlift was not fun to see. But I didn't really think too much about it because it wasn't a big goal of mine and I went back to my training. Now I saw the flier for this competition and realized I want that 520 back and I have 12 days to do it.

I realize 520 may be unrealistic, but does anyone have any ideas for REALLY quick ways to gain some weight on deadlift (my only reason for hoping its possible is that I have done it in the past and I haven't lost any muscle). Any help would be appreciated, thanks


not in 12 days. just tighten up your form. not as many tricks in the bag for deads as compared with squats and bench. you either can pull it or you cant.


Since you haven't been deadlifting much in the last year it may be possible for you to get some strength back through neural learning just by practicing the lift many times over the next several days. I would suggest you deadlift every other day doing about 5-6 singles with less than 1 minute apart with moderate weight and trying to move the weight as fast as possible.

Then add 10-20 pounds each workout and stop your deadlift 4-5 days out from the competition day to allow for full recuperation. You might do something like the following

Day 11 315 6 singles 45 seconds rest - pull fast
Day 9 335 6 singles 45 seconds rest - pull fast
Day 7 355 6 singles 45 seconds rest - pull fast
Day 5 375 6 singles 45 seconds rest - pull fast
No deadlift till comp

Basically, you have nothing to loose and could potential bump you pull up a good bit.

Good luck


It's a 24kg bell, not a 24 lbs. bell, just to clarify.


Oh, thanks, I must have misread that, I really have never done that and its the big mystery lift for me. Are you planning on competing? If so, what are you thinking about hitting? (if you don't mind ruining the surprise.)

Also, sounds like a plan for the deadlift Seattle Lifter (better than anything I was coming up with) yea, since the competition is actually free for me (thought it was 5 bucks) and its at the gym I always go to, I figured I'd just give it a shot no matter what I end up pulling, but of course it'd always be nice to kick butt and win.


don't do anything for 3 days before and carb load starting that morning. By carb load I mean get a freakin sugar high, and drink as much water as you can. and buy some ammonia.


We're hosting an event here in WI. Both my wife and I are competing as well.