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I hate women

[BEGIN RANT] My life sucks, and in the all-American spirit of blaming somebody else, I’ve decided that I hate women. Specifically I hate women who…

…dump all their emotional baggage on you and then get upset when you show a little sympathy.

…seek out one little flaw in you and then use that as an excuse to break up instead of just, well, breaking up.

…get excited about going on a big date with you and then, after you’ve payed $65 bucks apiece for 7th row center tickets, decide 30 minutes before the date that they can’t go because they decided to see someone else.

…break a date because they’re “sick”, and then forget and tell you and your friends two weeks later what a wonderful time she had doing something else that same weekend.

…get mad that you “tricked them into a date” when the big group you were both planning to go out with dissolved and only the two of you were left.

…date you because they’re tired of looking for happiness and are willing to settle.

…flirt incessantly with you, go on dates with you, and then dump you because someone said the two of you were “dating”.

…misinterpret one little joke and then hold it against you for the rest of your life, especially when everybody else gets the joke.

…call YOU three times to set up a date and then stand you up.

…tell you they can’t go out because of some reason, but then go out with some metrosexual prick.

…purposely drag their new boyfriends around to places where they know you’ll see them.

…hug you every time they see you and then tell all their friends you’re “stalking” her.

…encourage you to ask out some girl friend of theirs just to laugh as you fall flat on your face, because they knew all along she wasn’t interested.

I guess that covers just about every woman at some time or another, so I must hate all women. [END RANT]

It feels good to get that out of my system. Anybody else have any favorites I didn’t cover in my many years of checkered dating history?

Are you in counselling? You should be.

You need therapy.


“in the all-American spirit of blaming somebody else”

Sadly, I think that you are correct about most Americans wanting to blame someone else for thier own shortcommings. I’m sick to fucking death about Americans blaming McDonalds because they’re fat and other bullshit like that. There is an element of luck in almost every situation, but 90% of the time if your life sucks it’s because of shit you did to yourself.

I realize that your post is a semi joke, but seriously, if you don’t want women to treat you like shit then simply don’t allow them to. You might be suprised at how well people will treat you if you stand up for yourself and refuse to take their crap.

Wow. That’s pretty intense, dude.

Ummmm… Good luck with that!

You might want to try switch hitting.

I saw a blow-up doll named Betty-Sue that has your name on it.

TAKE OUT THE TRASH (in your life)!

DPH is spot on.

The only way that women will quit treating you like this is if you quit LETTING them treat you like this.

This is refered to variously as “not supplicating” “not being a wuss” “not being beta” or in a more positive light, “being confident” (this is being cocky and playful at the same time, with a dose of humor) “being manly” or “being Alpha”.

It’s funny, because when any of my past relationships have gone south, and I decide to stop taking her shit, she does a complete and total 180. After my last girlfriend broke up with me, I stopped taking her shit, and suddenly, the sex life heated up. I knew it wasn’t healthy, so I ejected–and guess what? She started freaking STALKING me. Calling seven times a day, IMing me, and eMailing me all the time. She couldn’t stop thinking about me.

Two important basic concepts in this post:

  1. Don’t supplicate. EVER. Deal with her shit by agreeing with her, and then act like she’s dumb for having made it (make fun of her). For instance:
    Her: “You tricked me into a date!”
    You: “Yeah, you’re right, I did. You’re sooooo smart. (smile). I thought I could trick you, but you’re obviously, like, in communion with the spirits or something.”

  2. To quote the Tao of Steve (TC wrote an Atomic Dog on this at one point, I think it’s called the Tao of TC) that which you pursue, retreats. So you have to know when to retreat.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Dan “You are the PRIZE” McVicker

Wow Yorik thank god i dont have these problems,you have to keep your pimp hand strong son

Well, that is about 20 years worth of shit regurgitated after the latest cluster fuck.

As they say, all your bad relationships have one thing in common: you.

I actually rented the movie the Tao of Steve. Pretty good movie. Highly recommended.

Alas, poor Yorik,

You’ve taken the right step by taking responsibility. That’s huge.

Anyway, enjoy the movie. I like Swingers, too. And the James Bond movies show you what self-confidence is, especially the early ones.


Dan “No Shakespeare” McVicker

DMV: Whoah. Talk about reactive (bitch)!

Wow, somebody recognizes my name reference. At least you didn’t mention that yorik is nothing but an empty skull in the story.


I notice the ladies haven’t chimed in here; I guess they all recognize something they’ve done in the past.

I was hoping to hear some other horror stories. Either I covered all the bases or I’m the only one on the forum with troubles.

I guess I don’t need Betty Sue as long as I have my snatch at the gym. Did some snatch just the other night. Multiple times. It felt good. I need some more.

If you hate women…

maybe you we’re born gay…either way you’re pretty gay.

If your tired of spoiled American women, I have a suggestion mail order bride.

Come on Greekdawg. At least be honest!

You, I and everybody knows there will always be some babes out there who will pull all that shit listed here (and more) precisely because some men are stupid enough to cave in for HOPE of something more AND let them get away with it.

Change the actor (the girl) for a guy and that guy will get answered quicker and in a far (more fisty) way. GUARANTEED.

The girl pulling that shit OR the guy accepting it are not better. Both are guilty. One for being a vulture, the other for acting castrated.

Another thing:

Dont expect creatures fueling offeelings, moods, estrogen, potpourri, Celine Dion andI am woman hear me roar` Manifest Destiny thinking on autopilot to MAKE SENSE, large scale*.

Thats why they need a man, mostly. To give them what they jealous us for: having balls and making sense. Somebodys got to teach them. A man, or life…eventually.

  • Go ahead. Flame on. The flakes will. Those who are not wont feel threatened by these comments. Long live the True T-Vixen = Women. (Not wimmen, girls or Grrls by the way). Thats whats so nice about T-Vixens. First of all they are equals. Second, they dont need us as pillars of their lives. Which reinforces our positive image of them. Not so with broads, which do just the opposite, and wonder why they get called so.

I read all the things above and thought about the women I know. Most of them wouldn’t do things like the ones you mentioned because the matured after high school. Hell, I met my wife when she was 17 and she was more mature than any of the crap back then.

You are the common element in all of the above incidents. You seem to choose drama queens or not quite fully matured chicks. There are lots of women that aren’t like those but you have to look for them and skip over the kind you’re used to.

You could try guys but from the gay guys I’ve talked to it sounds like a lot of them could teach the chicks you know lessons in how to be a drama queen.