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I hate vegetables . . .


except for salads with lots of tasty dressings. which kind of sucks if you are trying to not look nasty. fortunately, my girlfriend is a vegetarian, and gave me this recipe. It really works to make them taste pretty good. plus, you can make a shitload, put them in a bag in the fridge and scoop them out as necessary.
I have tried this for green beans and aparagus (two of my worst enemies) and actually enjoy eating them. I pop them cold.

ALWAYS get fresh vegetables. If you hate the taste of veggies, shit in the can will never work out for you.
Start with the Green Beans (or aparagus).

-Wash them off.
-chop the stems off the beans, or the bottms off the asparagus.
-put them in a bowl and drizzle a little olive oil over them(I usually use a tbsp)
-Season them with a little ground black pepper, crushed red pepper (which has a high TEF, if I am not mistaken), and some salt if you want. I also tried oregano last week. . . wasnt bad.
-mix it all up with your hand or a spoon
-put them on a cookie sheet and bake them at about 350? for about ten minutes. . . I like mine crispy.

But it makes them taste soooooo much better, and hopefully you wont be chugging KFC slaw or gag through another potful of canned green beans.


try adding some rice vinegar to your vegees as well as other things such as tuna. i eat tuna and salmon by the boat load and i always put rice vinegar on them. rice vinegar plus olive oil makes a great salad dressing.


Ill try that


I add meat seasonings and fat free parmesan cheese to my veggies.Then I bake them in the oven...not bad



Sounds great. One thing I've always loved was doing something similar...

Make some Italian dressing with some water, vinegar, olive oil, and seasoning, then chop up some cauliflower and put it in a pan in the oven. Put the dressing all over the cauliflower and cook (probably around the same temp for what you mentioned). It's TOO good.

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You can buy veggie spices in the supermarket (or make them yourself) and. Spread a touch of olive oil over your veggies, sprink with veggies spices, and through them onto the BBQ after you've roasted some meat. You get a better flavour than from the oven, 'cause of residual meat flavour from the grill.


I love veggies. I eat lots of them, especially onion rings, cheese, and sushi.

Sorry. It seemed funny at the time. I lightly sautee or steam my veggies with the meat as I'm finishing up cooking it. Spices are good and if you really don't like them eat them first and as fast as you can to get them down.