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I Hate This Time Of Year In The Gym

I absolutely hate the first of the year in the gym. So many “New Years Resolutionists” taking up machines, and benches, and space in general. Nobody has any gym etiquette. No idea of proper form or anything.

End Rant

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Went to our commercial gym January 2, and yeah, lots of new faces. Just glad the squat rack wasn’t being used and I was able to squat and bench right after. Go ahead, don’t mind me, and continue on with your half reps, people. :lol:

Used to be it meant the area around the dumbbell racks got fuller, but the rest of the gym was free. I’m seeing more and more early beginners in the rack now. Mildly irritating but I’m happy to see more people training “properly”. And by properly, read “in a similar way to me”.


For me, the giveaway is the fat guy that is slamming the ab machine cause he just knows that’s going to get rid of his giant belly.

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Dude, you should totally be the better person. Talk to him, teach him what needs to be done in order to lose weight. Fat guy is trying to change for the better, and that’s no laughing matter!

…and say “See you next January!” :lol:

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Never had any particular issues at this time of year. People are doing dumb shit all year round anyways. I ignore em pretty well all year


For me, the giveaway is that I walk out of the gym feeling like a king because everyone in there is weak as piss.


Its really the crowds. I’ve become fairly adaptable in still getting a workout in on crowded days, but last night was nuts.

Ha I’m a member of the non-peak time crew. Ez

Unfortunately, I am pretty much locked in to 6:30 - 7:30 pm along with everybody else.

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I personally never had an issue around this time of year. I feel like those resolutioners just stick to cardio machines and group ex

I guy at my gym does this year round!

Maybe its my location, but it seems to me they fade around March with the serious ones sticking it out.

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Since I’m almost 55, I saw some older guys “checking me out” wondering…how do I get to look like that. I feel like telling them a lifetime of learning and some TRT at our age! :joy:


I used to do membership sales, and that’s pretty much when I saw sales of resolutioners dwindle

Going to gym when it opens @ 5am, I really dont get any of the resolutioner crowd. I would never knock any of these people because at least they are making an attempt but I do feel bad for the few new faces I see because I know more likely than not, they will quit long before meeting any of their goals.

This isn’t a slight towards you … your rage is justified and I used to share it.

However, I find my annoyance at these people diminished significantly when I stopped caring what they were doing and just focused on what I was in there for - I get that it’s annoying having to wait for a piece of equipment, but if at least one or two new people stick to it, that’s great. Try to find a silver lining in this time of year.

A couple people have taken the first steps towards significantly improving their life, and by beginning of February, the gym’ll be back to normal usually…who knows your next new best friend may have just showed up because of some resolution (s)he is beginning…

or, if that flower crap just doesn’t appeal to your sensibilities, go buy your own fuckin equipment, work out at home, and stop being a whiny bitch



You should just walk right up to them and say “Yeah! I told my bros on the internet about you fucking losers! Haha! Losers!”.

Because you are so fucking cool.


We’ve had the unfamiliar-face crowds for a few weeks now, which I chalk up to college students being back in town for the holidays. Their parents haven’t cancelled the family membership plan yet, and they’ve got nothing but time on their hands. And the gymbruh douchebaggery in this demographic is a lot worse than the New Year’s Resolution-ers .

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My gym is awesome but there lies the Catch-22: it is always packed at 3:00 PM til closing! It is like New Year’s Day everyday! There are times when all eight squat racks are being used!

Ever noticed ten more years ago, mostly oddballs (like yours truly formerly) or dad bods (like yours truly currently) would be in a gym on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon? Not the case these days.

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