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I Hate These Damn Toolbags


I've been dating this girl for 6 months now and there is this guy in her chem class that constantly flirts with her. While I normally ignore the creeps this one is taking it too far in my opinion.

He has been trying to take her phone to look at her pictures, he asked her if she would go to the bathroom with him during class, tells her things like she is the type of girl who has pierced nipples and how much he wants to touch her ass.

I decided instead of just making threats to this guy I would try something more mature. I sent him a message on facebook saying how I don't like how he talks to her especially since he KNOWS she has a boyfriend and that im going to see him before class tuesday to talk in person.

He claims I don't know "what he is about" and that in a ADULT scenario this would be totally acceptable. We are both 19 and he is saying im acting like a highscooler. He claims im blowing this out of proportion.

He doesn't seem to get the fact that I dont like him treating my girlfriend like that and I take it as disrespectful towards me that he says that kind of stuff knowing im dating her. I want nothing more than to bash his face in but im really trying to handle this in a better way.

Do you think its right that I am confronting him or should I just ignore it?


Punch him in the face.



Sorry this is where I had to cut off my interest in your story...Instead of confronting this guy like a mature adult male and saying "hey dude, I know you flirt with my girl whatever, but it's inappropriate. Stop." You posted on his facebook? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I don't know how old you are, but I"m assuming you're in high school. And if you're not then jesus help us all...


Face to face.


She's been taking it up the ass from him for months.




Mature and Facebook don't really match up well

ROFLMAO! You're the toolbag, dude!

  1. Be happy you have a girl someone wants to flirt with and understand that people flirt ALL the time.
  2. It's ONE class and semester is almost over meaning they will most likely never see each other again
  3. Are you afraid you'll lose her to this dude? If so, step your game up because if she goes its your fault for being a pussy.

fucking facebook!


Honestly, just stop pussy footing about and take this route.



Agreed, if he doesnt want to be respectful after you asked him nicely, kick the shit out of him and force him to be respectful.


slit his fucking throat


I basically gave him a heads up on facebook tell him that he would be seeing me tuesday.


I think we need to see pics of said girlfriend, you know, for research purposes.


Gotcha, but did you have to point out my douchebaggery to everyone?


so we cant be cyber buddies?


kerly, you're like the little brother I would've smothered in his crib :slight_smile:


Do you not think it'd be so much more effective if your girlfriend were to tell him off instead?

Unless of course she's actually fine with it, then you are obliged to suggest MMF with him.


Nip that shit in the bud now I had a similar situation in college with a wannabe mma clown. Sometimes quick precise violence is exactly what's needed, and if he's some sort of "twilight" in touch with his feelings douche punch him twice. Passive agressive fuckers like that need to be chemically castrated and put in stocks so people can throw rotten fruit at them. Also it was dumb to write anything on facebook fuck that you're a man you got balls use them, no warning just grab him by the adam's apple squeeze and say "do not speak to my girlfriend again or they wil never find your body" period you left too much of a trail by putting something online now if the fucker does dissapear you're to blame.


am glad you took that back that was harsh Lol

New girlfriend? who would go out with you, you have epilepsy!


She does tell him off but not in the way i would like her to. She is one of those girls who just can't totally shut down a person, she says stuff like "you wish" instead of "look i have a boyfriend and you need to back off"


Pee on his birthday cake.