I Hate the Deadlift Lockout

I would just run the program as it’s written. It works. Testing your max won’t make you any stronger, and unless there’s some reason why you have to know it, there’s no benefit in doing so. Wendler knows his shit. Listen to him.

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kbama has a great point. When getting stronger, the only max you should be concerned about outside of a powerlifting meet is a training max. It’s a single you can safely and surely perform with flawless technique and something you can base your next training cycle on. Programs like 5/3/1 are centered around a training max which and after 4 cycles, you should be moving your actual starting max for reps.

Alright will do, you and Wendler have a worlds more knowledge than I do. It’s better for me to listen to you guys than to decide for myself.

Will continue 531 till the end of the year and reasses whatever I feel may be lagging 2017 thanks guys! Also just bought a single prong inzer 10mm belt and am trying out the adipowers rn. They feel good so far but not used to the heel yet so gotta lower weights to get form down.

So this is my form from the side, I took this video the other day. I really slowed down the video and saw that my hips do seem to shoot up first the I pull. At these lighter weights it’s not too noticeable but I feel like heavier is much more noticeable. Please critique