I Hate the Deadlift Lockout

So I have been powrlifting for about 6 months or training in that style for 6 months. I have been lifting for 2 years. Lately I started 531 modified a little bit to accommodate my needs. I am on cycle 2 week 3 on my deadlifts. Please watch the video and critique me on my form or pull. What went wrong? I got the pull above knee but just gave out for some reason.

It would be more beneficial to see a video filmed directly form your side. That way people can see your hip position and general movement progression better. To me it looks like your hips rise way too early in the lift.

I would do a few things:

  • Speed up your setup (that will probably be enough to complete the lift)
  • Improve your glute strength. I’d do this with conventional deadlifts (try them as back off sets)

Next I will record from the side for a better view. Thank you for the input.

This day I just felt like being more careful with my setup but I guess that hurt me more than it helped me. I do incorporate high volume conventional deadlifts on my heavy squat days.

Honestly you gave up. You could of locked that out. Just keep training and getting stronger, it’s possible your lower back rounded badly but it’s hard to see from this angle but it just looks like you quit in less than a second and didn’t even try to fight it very long.


You just need to keep getting stronger. I’d grab a belt at some point as well.

Ouch but I do kind of agree. This day was kind of mentally bad day for me I thought that too when I went for a second attempt and still couldn’t get the lockout.

At what point do people feel a belt is needed? I see guys who pull less than I do but still get these expensive belts. I know inzer is the go to belt for everyone, so if I do get one I’ll probably get a inzer lever belt 10mm. I never feel like my back is rounding unless I really break form.

Get a belt now. No specific reason to not have one.

I wasn’t trying to knock you btw, we all have missed a lift because we just quit too early. It is entirely possible it’s your glute strength or speed off the floor or hip angle, or many other things.

Get a video from the side next time and just keep getting stronger.

I guess I will splash some cash again recently bought some adidas adipower as well even though I haven’t used them that much yet I like them. Also bought some gangsta wrist wraps because lot of guys I know like them.

I just deadlift more with a belt than without one. Most folks will. That’s enough reason for me to use it on the platform lol.

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Alright will place an order for prong or lever. Started to read up on it a little bit and am finding prong to be more versatile.

Yea I like to keep it simple. A nice 10mm single prong belt will be perfect. You can do 13mm if you want; just personal preference.

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If you’re running 5/3/1, is your training max too high? There’s not really any reason to have a weight on the bar that you can’t lift once with 531. Or is that a relatively lighter weight for you and you’re saying there’s a problem with your form?

This is a weight i have hit before but I took a look at my week and weekends and found that my lack of sleep and nutrition on the weekends tends to be very bad. I hit deadlifts in the beginning of the week Tuesday because I take monday off and do a tues weds fri sat 4 day split for my lifts. 5/3/1 is the program that allowed me to jumo from 405 to 455 in a just 2 cycles until I switched to madcows thinking it was better but I enjoyed 531 more than madcow.

Also do you think 531 is good fro someone looking to compete next year? I’m thinking of trying Sheiko or ph3 by layne norton but ph3 is for someone with wilks score of 350 i read and I dont quite have that yet. I know that you should run a progran fir like 3 months to see if it takes you anywhere or you like it but its frustrating when lifts like this I should easily hit no prob. Especially on cycle 2

They pretty much all work and all don’t work. The deciding factor is going to be your intensity. If you plug some numbers into a program and just go through the motions you’re not gonna make nearly as much progress as you would if you commit to whichever one you choose 100% and really attack it.

What do you mean by it allowed you to jump from 405 to 455 in two cycles? If you want 531 to work (which it does, and did for me) run it like Wendler says and make sure you have the right training max and move it up ten pounds a cycle for the lower body lifts. Are you saying you moved your training max way up after two months bc you got stronger? If so, that’s exactly what he says not to do. You don’t have to lift maximal weights to get stronger. 531 is about building up your strength with weights you can handle, not testing your strength. I tested my lifts after my last cycle through 531 (which I’ll probably go back to permanently eventually), and I pulled 515 with an ending training max of 455, and I pressed 225 for 5 reps with a training max of 215.

I was curious to find out my max after the first 2 cycles I ran I felt stronger. I understand that wendler doesn’t want you to do that but I thought why the fuck not. I did it after the deload week. This time around I was smarter in not using my absolute max for the input weight, being more conservative.