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"I Hate That Gym" Venting Thread

I’m very fortunate to be in a gym I like now with a really supportive community, but throughout my past and even currently, I’ve experienced some shitty gyms

I used to work at a NYSC when I was younger doing sales and it was bullshit. The commission system was rigged against us and the quotas were set unsustainably high for employees to make a living wage in NYC. Looking back the community was nice (since I worked there), but the gym wasn’t shit. One quarter squatter rack, one smith machine, and one 3D smith machine. Hex plates galore, and over emphasis on TRX and Kettlebells - which only went up to 50lbs. At the time I looked up to this trainer because he said he had a 1000lbs total, and now I realize it wasnt shit!

I hate the gym in my basement. The barbell sucks, the plates suck, the bench sucks, the adjustable dumbbells only go to 50 lbs and one of the kettlebells has a big chip in the handle.


You should have a serious talk with the guy that owns that place!


Sometimes I hate my High school weight room. It’s horrible during the winter because people preparing for winter sports crowd it. It’s very chill in the fall rn with the wrestlers. Baseball isn’t annoying in the spring. I honestly can’t stand football they’re an embarrassment. Most of them just try and boost their ego always maxing out a weight they can’t handle. When they tested maxes for bench last year there was a lot of the “its all you bro” with the coaches fingers on the bar. The squats are all quarter squats. Team always loses anyway so I guess it’s expected.


I did. The cheap bastard got the whole setup for $70 and refuses to invest any more money for the members.


My back up gym is a neighborhood commercial gym. I did a quick set of tricep extensions, walked away and came back to people using it. No biggie, so I asked to work in (mentioned this in another thread). Dude got all defensive “BUT BUT BUT WE WERE HERE FIRST!” The two guys went, and as soon as I jumped in, they left and went to another station and mean mugged me the rest of the time.

Another time, I was doing bench in a busy gym downtown. 4 benches - two groups of 3 were doing like 2-ish plates. One guy was doing 3 plates. One guy was doing 1 plate. It was deload and I was weak, so I asked 1 plate guy to work in. Asshole looked at the other incline/decline benches as if to non verbally say “Why don you go there?” Anyway, got my set in, he went next and it looked hard for him so I offered him a spot if he wanted it, but he declined. Another bench soon opened up, and he went there and pinned 135 on his chest.

the best is dudes looking at you lift light weight on your off/deload week and sizing themselves up. young guys do this all the fucking time. its so funny.


1 plate guy let his ego get to him. Pretty stupid to be benching heavy weight alone.

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I gotta admit: I hate all of your gyms too.


Well most gyms themselves are not the issue. It’s the fucking idiots that inhabit them.


A solution to this situation I have thought about is that if you aren’t making measurable progress, the gym raises your membership rates.
That might motivate people to actually learn how to “work out”


Haha you got that right

Dude I totally overheard some kids pointing me out and saying “Bro you think that guys bigger than me” “Bro, you’re foolish if you think hes bigger than you”

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What if the training’s bad tho?

More Profit! Yay capitalism…/s

This is an awesome idea. Or if you hit your goals, you train for free. Win win, the customers get results, the gym gets a reputation for getting results for people.

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Concur, but it should logically extend to all hobbies.

Still only reading fantasy novels like Song of Fire and Ice? Book store charges you double until you actually learn how to read for leisure like Sartre’s Nausea.

Still getting one shotted in Call of Duty? Double your X-Box live rates until you actually learn how to play.

Walking your dog while listening to music or looking at your phone? Jack Booted thugs pull over in a van and kidnap you until you actually learn how to walk while wearing a weight vest and be in the moment.


Maybe not free (gym’s got to make a profit) but have a raffle of some sort each month for members hitting goals. 1st place - next months membership fee waived, 2nd place - free protein tub, 3rd place - water bottle or T-shirt.


Mine won’t invest in insulation and a good heat source.

The guy running my place is a martial arts weirdo who is crowding up the lifting equipment to make room for the jiu jitsu mats coming tomorrow.


Remind me not to join your gym