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I Hate Steve Westly


There, I've said it.

For those who don't know -- possibly because they either don't live in California or do, but have been living in a cave -- Steve Westly is one of the two MAJOR Democratic candidates for CA Governor. The other is Phil Angelides (who won the party's nomination). The primaries are one month from today, and it looks like Westly is going to win.....


The guy had all the ingredients for me to love him -- after all, he is a Stanford GSB alumni, and ex GSB faculty member -- even though he has no Ph.D., nor any substantial academic achievement -- he doesn't even have a BS or MS (he majored in history).

Unfortunately, he's also a weasel -- he's using his fortune, amassed during his years in the private sector, to out-campaign (relatively) poor Phil Angelides, whose only "mistake" is to have dedicated his life to public service, rather than amassing money exploiting other people. Although I never met him personally, I know several people who do, and nothing I heard or seen gives me any confidence about his integrity and his ability to make a good Governor.

In fact, I hold Arnold in higher regard I do him.

Example: he keeps talking about how he is a "product of public school", but he lives in Atherton -- one of the most expensive towns on the planet -- rather than in Sacramento, that apparently is not "posh" enough for him.

His campaign is also filled with one-liners, that have a depth more appropriate for Paris Hilton, and absolutely zero consequence -- and calls them the "Westly Plan".

He also looks like if Arnold breathes in his general direction, he will be thrown back 100 yards (look at his picture and you'll see what I mean).

So, my friends, I hereby make this public commitment: if Westly wins the primaries, I will vote for Arnold again come November... I'd much rather have a moderate Republican that I somewhat trust and admire in office than a self-serving, superficial limo-lib that has no idea what he's doing.

Sorry for the rant... I had to get this out off my chest.


DUDE - you and I are in about the same position - although, I have a more personal reason to detest Steve Westly that I won't go into.

Take heart, however - Steve's lead in the primary is still only a small one, and Phil was the obvious winner of the recent televised debate. Furthermore, a resounding FORTY FIVE PERCENT of individuals polled said they still hadn't made up their minds, and (of the last poll I read) there was a margin of error of 5.8%, bringing Steve's 6% lead into perspective.

This race is FAR from over, and you too can do your part to make sure we have the right candidate for governor! Host a house party for Phil, or do SOMETHING to get involved - the website is www.angelides.com - there's a link there on how to voulnteer or contribute. At the very least, get a bumper sticker, and rant to your friends about what a weasel Westly is.

The one thing that tends to bring me down more than anything is the media bias I continually see, in favor of Westly. They act like the primary is practically over and that Steve is going to win by a landslide, when that clearly isn't the case. When Phil won the nomination, I remember a headline that said "Angelides eeks out Democratic nomination", and another that said, "Westly's opponent wins Democratic Nomination". Sorry, but 67% isn't "eeking" out a victory - it's a RESOUNDING one.

I'm writing letters to these papers - I hope you'll join me.



I don't really need to... most of the ones who can vote (lots of immigrants here at Stanford, who can't yet vote) have been here for long enough to know him and were the ones giving me an earful... :slight_smile:

But yes, I am going to do whatever I can to help Angelides win the primary.

Let's just hope the undecided don't fall for Westly's one-liners... Californians usually know better, and hope this is one of those times they will.


So he's not an ivory-tower, egghead intellectual. Check.

(He did receive an M.B.A. in Public Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1983. You make it sound like he has no education at all.)

Sour grapes from the economics professor? Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

How exactly does ebay exploit people, Professor Marx?

How many California land-developers can be considered even relatively poor? Was Angelides a particularly crappy land developer who failed to make money?

"A graduate of Harvard University, Angelides worked for a number of years for the state of California's Housing and Community Development agency (from 1975 to 1983), and later in the private sector as a land developer. He was appointed president of AKT Development Corp. (a company owned by one of his business and political mentors, Angelo Tsakopoulos) in 1984, and in 1986, founded his own land development company, River West. Sacramento area environmentalists criticize him for contributing to the area's sprawl."

Dedicated his life to public service? Let's compare:

Angelides public service:
California State Treasurer, 1999-present
Co-Chair, Sacramento Mayor's Commission on Education and the City's Future, 1995-1996
Total: about 9 years

Westly's public service:
Worked for Congressman Leo Ryan 1978-1979
Worked for U.S. Department of energy 1980
California Utilities Commission 1 year
Total: about 4 years

Not that big a difference.

Did he or did he not go to public schools?
Any idea where Angelides went to grade school?

That is called CAMPAIGNING. It's a handy skill for politicians.

I'll post pics of each following this. Everyone can judge who the weiner is for themselves.


Phil Angelides (aka Ears McGee): hspder's idea of a manly man. Endorsed my such communists as:

Barbara Boxer

Dianne Feinstein

House Leader
Nancy Pelosi


Steve Westly: made money and is therefore hated by hspdr.



"Despite Westly's efforts to brand Angelides as a political insider who has lost touch with the concerns of real people, the political biographies of the two candidates have plenty in common.

Both are statewide elected officials who have been Democratic activists for decades. Angelides ran for the Sacramento City Council when he was 19, while Westly became one of the youngest state Democratic party officers ever at the age of 23.

The two spent time working in government and both made millions in the private sector, Angelides as a developer and Westly in the high-tech arena. While Angelides was elected state party chairman in 1991, Westly lost the chairman's election to Jerry Brown in 1989, although he has been a member of the Democratic National Committee for more than 20 years."


Both have been involved in politics since they were young. Both are millionaires.

Hspder, there seems like there is something more to your dislike of Westly - what is it?


I'm just not sure why it matters at all, unless Ahnold isn't running for re-election.

If he is, then the California Democratic Party shouldn't spend a lot of money on either of these non-starters.

Concede this one, and come up with a real candidate for next time.


Hspder despises anyone that actually earns their fortune. Just like the Kennedy's and the Rockefeller's.

That evil private sector. Damn them for giving you a fucking economy to sip soy lattes over.


If you actually read what I wrote, you'll see I specifically said he was a GSB alumnus. GSB = Graduate School of Business in case you need me to connect the dots for you.

Now, let me ask you, and the other non-Californian conservatives that responded to my post: why do you seem to care so much about defending Westly? Seriously, I'm wondering.


You haven't been seeing the ads here. You didn't watch the debate. You also haven't talked to people that actually knew him.

If you had, you'd know the answer to that question.

Just ask yourself this: having lost the Democratic nomination to Phil, why does he keep running, knowing that his petty accusations are benefiting Arnold most of all?


You do realize that I said I'd rather vote for Arnold, as I voted in the last election, right?

Now, remind me: how did Arnold make his fortune? Are you saying he did NOT earn it?

I have no problem with people who earn their fortune. I do have problems with greedy hypocrites who are willing to hurt everybody else to advance their own agendas, but pretend they're Mother Teresa.


I honestly thought you would be incapable of such a childish, immature post. I'm sorry to see I was wrong. I am disappointed. Seriously.


Mainly because you and knewsome irritate me.

Now answer the questions I asked you.

How exactly does ebay exploit people?

How many California land-developers can be considered even relatively poor? Was Angelides a particularly crappy land developer who failed to make money?

Did he(Westly)or did he not go to public schools?
Any idea where Angelides went to grade school?

Why do you think Angelides has devoted his life to public service, when he's spent only a few more years than Westly doing so?


Are you referring to Kennedy (the drunken murderer), or Rockefeller (never had a fucking job)?

You voted for the most Euoropean bastard in the election. Don't hide you blatant eurocentricity - embrace it.


You're disappointed in me? Seriously?
That's pathetic.

Was it the ears comment or the communist thing?

You have a fucked up sense of reality if you think Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer aren't communists. You are even more deluded if you thought it was below me to point it out.


doogie, you're an idiot, and you obviously didn't do very much research.

Phil was a GREAT developer - he made millions (but we're talking low millions, not even tens of millions), but not hundreds of millions like Westly. Phil built sustainable communities that embrace environmentally friendly technologies - some of his deveopments are actually quite revolutionary, and have served as a model for other sustainable development.

Westly is a tool whose list of contributors is almost as short as his list of endorsements. He's DUMPING money into his campaign out of his own pocket in an attempt to buy his way into office - which, by the way, he has previously stated is only a "stepping stone to the oval office" for him. Steve is wishy-washy and weasely - the WOST KIND OF DEMOCRAT, the kind that conservatives love to talk shit about. I suspect that this is why you out of state neocons are so ardently in support of him.

Phil on the other hand is funded by over 26,000 contributors to his campaign, and over 50% of his contributions have come from donations of $50 or less - he's a real grassroots supported candidate. Phil is endorsed by California's police officers, firefighters, teachers, and labor unions. He's also endorsed by Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein, who are Democrats that were elected by a strong majority of voters, and are leaders that the people of California (at least in the case of boxer and feinstein) look to as staunch defenders of our state's interest.

Regarding public service, yes, the two of them have both been involved - one thing you forgot to mention was that Phil was CHAIRMAN of the California Democratic Party for some time, including 1992, where he helped mobilize over a MILLION NEW VOTERS to get Feinstein and Bill Clinton elected. Phil also has been State Treasurer since '99, and won in a solid victory, whereas Westly the weasel won his election by outspending his opponent 8 to 1 for a victory of about 60 votes.

I have nothing against a person earning money - that's fine. I also have nothing against someone using their personal fortune to run for office. But the WAY weasel, er westly has done it is pretty disgusting, and it's quite clear that his goals are only for power. Phil has a genuine desire to better our state and prepare us for the future. He is a man of vision, and is a very charismatic speaker - don't let the goofy ears fool you. As for athleticism, Phil happens to be a world class tennis player, and I'd put money on him vs Arnold OR Westly any day, ESPECIALLY vs Arnold - Phil has about a 5 inch height advantage.

One more thing: if you vote for a person based on how good looking they are or how "manly" you percieve them to be, you're a bigger idiot than I ever thought you were.

oh, and next time, don't spell my name with an "e" on the end. It's "Newsom". Stay the fuck outta California, and do us all a HUGE favor - convince the rest of your lousy polluted excuse for a state to secede: WE DONT FUCKING WANT YOU OR YOUR POLITICIANS.


OK, hippie. I'll educate you.

Developments like Laguna West?

The San Luis Obispo Tribune,Sacramento Bee, the journal Town & Country Planning,the Landscape Architecture
News Digest for the American Society of Landscape Architects,The New York Times,and even the Sierra Club discribe it with words like pitiful,"classic urban sprawl", catastrophic failure, Magnificent Failure, and a California tragedy.


"...Phil Angelides himself, who made his
millions paving over wetlands and perpetrating massive sprawl and traffic
gridlock as a developer, but now wants voters to believe he's God's gift to
His own creation."

Partial List of Westly Endorsers*
Updated 03/18/06

Campaign Co-Chairs
Congresswoman Grace Napolitano
Congresswoman Diane Watson
State Senator Martha Escutia
State Senator Carole Migden
Herb Wesson, Councilmember, City of Los Angeles

Elected Officials
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) (ret.)
U.S. House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-MO) (ret.)
Congressman Brad Sherman
Congressman Doug Bosco (ret.)
Congressman Tony Coelho (ret.)
President Pro Tempore, State Senate David Roberti (ret.)
State Senator Herschel Rosenthal (Ret.)
Assemblymember Ron Calderon
Assemblymember Joe Canciamilla
Assemblymember Ed Chavez
Assemblymember Ted Lieu
Assemblymember Barbara Matthews
Assemblymember Nicole Parra
Assmeblymember Ira Ruskin
Assemblymember Steve Clute (ret.)
Assemblymember John Dutra (ret.)
Assemblymember Richard Katz (ret.)
Assemblymember Fred Keeley (ret.)
Assemblymember Ted Lempert (ret.)
Assemblymember Rod Wright (ret.)
Conway Collis, Member, Board of Equalization (ret.)
Bevan Dufty, Supervisor, San Francisco County
Sean Elsbernd, Supervisor, San Francisco County
Richard Gordon, Supervisor, San Mateo County
Liz Kniss, Supervisor, Santa Clara County
Jerry O?Banion, Supervisor, Merced County
Dave Potter, Supervisor, Monterey County
Tim Smith, Supervisor, Sonoma County; and Former President, CSAC
Max Rodrigues, Supervisor, Madera County
Ruth Kessler, Supervisor, San Benito County (ret.)
Mike Nevin, Supervisor, San Mateo County (ret.)
Betty Chim, Commissioner, City of Torrance
Dennis Herrera, City Attorney, San Francisco
Larry Stone, Assessor, Santa Clara County
Doris Ward, Assessor, San Francisco County (ret.)
Dan Arguello, Mayor, City of Alhambra
Hugh Argumedo, Mayor, City of Commerce
Karen Avilla, Treasurer, City of Carson
Hugh Argumedo, Mayor, City of Commerce
Ian Bain, Councilmember, City of Redwood City
Edward Barela, Councilmember, City of Parlier
Victor Bello, Vice-Mayor, City of Bell
Gary Bosworth, Councilmember, City of Desert Hot Springs
Jim Burch, Councilmember, City of Palo Alto
Becky Campo, Councilmember, City of Patterson
Renee Chavez, Mayor, City of La Puente
Dean J. Chu, Councilmember and former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale
Jim Costello, Mayor, City of Pacific Grove
Mike Dages, Councilmember, City of Fresno
Jim Dear, Mayor, City of Carson
Dominic Dutra, Councilmember, City of Fremont
Kelly Fergusson, Councilmember, City of Menlo Park
Mike Ferreira, Councilmember, City of Half Moon Bay
Mario Gomez, Councilmember, City of Huntington Park
Barbara Green, Councilmember, City of Truckee
Isadore Hall, Councilmember, City of Compton
Mike Healy, Councilmember, City of Petaluma
Olden Henson, Councilmember, City of Hayward
Ben Hueso, Councilmember, City of San Diego
Michael Keegan, Councilmember, City of Hermosa Beach
Breene Kerr, Mayor, City of Los Altos Hills
Yoriko Kishimoto, Vice Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Judy Kleinberg, Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Laura Lee, Councilmember, City of Cerritos
Sue Lempert, Councilmember, City of San Mateo
Robert Livengood, Councilmember, City of Milpitas
Dennis Lujan, Councilmember, City of Selma
Thomas Martin, Mayor, City of Maywood
Louie Lujan, Councilmember, City of La Puente
Billy Nwoye, Councilmember, City of Altadena
Terry Nagel, Councilmember, City of Burlingame
Madison Nguyen, Councilmember, City of San Jose
Juan ?John? R. Noguez, Mayor, City of Huntington Park
Dan Nguyen-Tan, Councilmember, City of Chico
Ron Oden, Mayor, City of Palm Springs
Rosalie O'Mahony, Councilmember, City of Burlingame
Stephen Padilla, Mayor, City of Chula Vista
Greg Pettis, Mayor Pro Tem, Cathedral City
Will Pieper, Councilmember, City of Desert Hot Springs
Jeffrey Prang, Councilmember, City of West Hollywood
Rick Ramirez, Councilmember, City of Norwalk
A. Sepi Richardson, Mayor, City of Brisbane
David Roberts, Councilmember, City of Solana Beach
Marco Robles, Councilmember, City of Pomona
Ralph D. Rodriguez, Councilmember, City of La Palma
Elba Romo, Councilmember, City of Huntington Park
Juan Romo, Councilmember, City of Cudahy
Mark Rosen, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Garden Grove
Ricardo Sanchez, former Mayor, City of Lynwood
Dolly Sandoval, Councilmember, City of Cupertino
Greg Sellers, Councilmember, City of Morgan Hill; Former staff, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
David M. Silva, Councilmember, City of Cudahy
Tony Spitaleri, Councilmember, City of Palo Alto; President, Palo Alto Firefighters Union (ret.)
Paul Tanaka, Mayor, City of Gardena; Assistant Sheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Toni Taylor, Vice Mayor, City of Half Moon Bay
Leticia Vasquez, Mayor, City of Lynwood
Albert Vera, Councilmember, Culver City
Larry L. Waldie, Former Mayor, City of Walnut; Undersheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
David Weinsoff, Councilmember, City of Fairfax; Environmental plaintiffs? attorney
Hope Withkowsky, Councilmember, City of Torrance
Ken Yeager, Councilmember, City of San Jose
Patty Davis, Councilmember, City of Chula Vista (ret.)
Jerry Estruth, Councilman, City of San Jose (ret.); Founding Chair, Silicon Valley Land Trust
Janet Gray Hayes, Mayor, City of San Jose (ret.)
Ric Loya, Mayor, City of Huntington Park (ret.)
Henry Manayan, Mayor, City of Milipitas (ret.)
Tomas R. Martin, Mayor, City of Maywood (ret.)
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Manuel Valerio, Mayor, City of Sunnyvale (ret.)

Education Leaders
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Carmen Avalos, Trustee, Cerritos College Board of Trustees
Stephen Cassidy, Trustee, San Leandro Unified School District
Joel Estrada, Trustee, Compton Unified School District
Donald Kennedy, President Emeritus, Stanford University; Editor-in-Chief, Science Magazine; Former Board member, California Nature Conservancy
Victor King, Trustee, Glendale Community College; Legal Counsel, Cal State LA
Michael Kitzes, Trustee, Vacaville School Board
Lori Livingston, Trustee, Woodside Elementary School District
Marcelino A. Lopez, Trustee, Ravenswood City School District
Michael Menesini, Vice President, Martinez Unified School District School Board
Phyllis Moore, Trustee, San Mateo-Foster City School District
Alfonso Morales, Member, Lynwood Unified School District
Dave Pine, Trustee, Burlingame School District; President of the San Mateo County School Boards Association; Member, San Mateo County Central Committee
Hal Plotkin, Trustee, Foothill DeAnza Community College District
Thomasina Reed, Inglewood School Board, President (ret.)
Gina Ramirez, Board of Education Member, Little Lake City
David Siegrist, Trustee, Rio Hondo Community College Board (ret.)
Jose Luis Solache, Vice President, Lynwood School District

Public Safety
Association of Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs
Bell Gardens Police Officers Association
California Organization of Police and Sheriffs
California Police Chiefs Association
Deputy Sheriffs? Association of San Diego County
Gardena Police Officers Association
Merced Deputy Sheriffs Association
Monterey Airport Police Officers Association
Orange County Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 3631
Tulare County Corrections Officers Association
Orange County Coalition of Police and Sheriffs

Chief Bill Brown, Immediate Past President, California Police Chiefs Association
Chief Bruce Hagerty, Board member, California Police Chiefs Association
D. O. ?Spike? Helmick, Retired Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol
Chief Ron Ingels, Retired Police Chief, City of La Verne
Roosevelt Johnson, President, Black Police Officers Association of Los Angeles County
Chief Daniel Ortega, Board member, California Police Chiefs Association
Douglas E. Shur, President, Los Angeles Asian employee organization; Police Captain, City of Los Angeles Police Department
Paul Tanaka, Mayor, City of Gardena; Assistant Sheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Larry L. Waldie, Former Mayor, City of Walnut; Undersheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
Chief Garrett Zimmon, Board member, California Police Chiefs Association

Latino Community Leaders Jorge Acosta, Executive Director; Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children?s Services
Robert Rios, Project Manager; National Association for Hispanic Elderly
Jared Rivera, Community Organizer; LA Voice
Janett Sanchez, President; Lynwood Latino Coalition
Kari Anne Tow, Director of Development; Teach for America ? Los Angeles
Eduardo Santana, Developer; Forest City Enterprises
Maria E. Becerra, Business Owner; Mebecerra Business Services

African American Community Leaders
Howard Bingham, City Club
?Sweet Alice? Harris, Executive Director of Parents of Watts
Commissioner John Frierson, Los Angeles Department of Transportation; Board member, New Frontier Democratic Club
Ronnie Lott, Football Hall of Famer and Venture Capitalist

Church Leaders
Reverend Waymon Baker, Baptist Minister
Bishop H. Hartford Brookins, African Methodist Episcopal Church
Reverend Robert Holt, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Minister
Reverend Cecil ?Chip? Murray, African Methodist Episcopal Church Minister
Reverend Tony Pierce, AME Zion Minister

LGBT Community Leaders
Steven Afriat, Afriat Consulting Group
L.J. Carusone, Founder, Marriage Equality California
Bruce Cohen, Producer, Member, Access Now for Gay and Lesbian Equality (ANGLE)
Norman Chramoff, Immediate Past Political Vice President, LA Stonewall Democratic Club
Bonnie Curtis, Producer
Donald DeLuccio, President, West Hollywood Democratic Club
Shelley Freeman, Civic Leader
Dean Hansell, Managing Partner, LeBeouf, Lamb, Greene, and MacRae; Co-Chair, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center Board of Directors
Rick Hauptman, Harvey Milk Democratic Club
Laurette Healey, Board Member, Access Now for Gay and Lesbian Equality (ANGLE)
Yashar Hedayat, Board Member, Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
Michelle Jackino, Senior Vice-President, Warner Brothers Pictures
Lorri Jean, CEO, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
Derek Jentzsch, Community Leader, No On Knight
Jim Johnson, Chair, GLSEN National Board of Directors
Phil Kleweno, President and CEO, Teleflora Inc; Co-Chair, GLAAD Board of Directors
Rich Kowalewski, Past Co-Chair, Alice B. Toklas Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club
Kathy Levinson, former President & COO, E*Trade
Bob Nelson, San Diego Democratic Club
Zoon Nguyen, former Director of External Affairs, PacBell
Robert E. Oakes, former San Francisco Director, Office of Governor Gray Davis
Alan Uphold, Co-Chair, Board of Governors, Human Rights Campaign
Clark Williams, Board Member, Silicon Valley LGBT Democratic Club
Daniel Yost, Founding Member, San Mateo LGBT Democratic Club

Environmental Leaders
Sierra Club, California
Stephen Bantillo, Board member, National Recycling Coalition
Jayne Battey, Environmental Entrepreneurs; Co-founder & President, Essex Environmental
Eileen Beaudry, Former Board member, Santa Cruz Rail to Trail
Rhonda Berry, CEO & President, Our City Forest
T. Hale Boggs, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Betsy Butler, Environmental advocate and Democratic activist
Jim Caldwell, CEO, E3 Regenesis
Pete Carrillo, Elected board member, Santa Clara County Open Space District
Rob Caughlin, Co-founder, Friends of the River; Board Member (ret.), Surfrider; Board Member, Planning & Conservation League
Jim Caviola, President and Co-Founder, Trees for Seal Beach
David Coglizer, Former Board member, League to Save Lake Tahoe
Donna Cotner, Co-founder, West Valley Citizens? Air Watch
Catherine Cox, Water Conservation Associate, Santa Clara Valley Water District
Mary Davey, Elected Trustee & Former President, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
Jon Elliott, President, Touchstone Environmental; Former Regulatory Counsel, TURN
Tal Finney, Executive Committee, Environmental Section of the CA State Bar; Former Dictor of the Governor Davis? Office of Planning and Research
Pat Flinn, Former Counsel, Mono Lake Committee & National Audubon Society
Lorena Gonzalez Bradford, Environmental attorney; San Diego Coastkeeper and Surfrider Foundation
Garrett Gruener, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Jeremy Hallisey, Board member, California Coastal Conservancy
Laurette Healy
Lois Crozier Hogle, Co-founder, Committee for Green Foothills
Chris Kelley, Former Assistant to the President, Stanford Environmental Law Society
Steve Kirsch, Chair, Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation
Chip Koch, Environmental Entrepreneurs; President, Essex Environmental
Skip Lacaze, Board member, Californians Against Waste; Former President, Northern California Recycling Association
Craig Lewis, Leader, Van Nuys Canyon and the Canyon Coalition; Patron, John Muir Society
Noelle Leca, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Michael Morazadeh, Environmental Entrepreneurs
John Mracek, Co-founder, West Valley Citizens Air Watch
Bruce Olszewski, CEO, Center for the Development of Recycling
Susan Packard Orr, Chair, David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Joanne Pasternak, Part President, Santa Clara Environmental Law Society
Tony Pritzker, Former President and ?Walk the Talk? Award Recipient, Heal the Bay
Rafael Reyes, Environmental advocate
Norman Riley, Former Chief of Enforcement, CA Department of Toxic Substances Control
Lennie Roberts, Committee for Green Foothills; Co-founder, Regional Open Space District
Cindy Rubin, Board member, Greenbelt Alliance; Board member, Committee for Green Foothills
Bill Russell-Shapiro, President, League to Save Lake Tahoe; Former board member, California League of Conservation Voters; Former board member, San Francisco Tomorrow; Owner, Mad Will?s Food Company
Charlie Stringer
Ron Swenson, Former Board Member, American Solar Energy Society; Solar entrepreneur
Joy Tang, Founder, oneVillage Foundation; Former Fellow for Community Development, Cisco
Terry Trumbull, Former Chair, CA Integrated Waste Management Board
Chris Vargas, Chair, Los Altos Hills Pathways Committee

California Association of Professional Scientists
Communication Workers of America

Steve Alari, California State Employee Association, SEIU Local 1000
Luther Jackson, Executive Officer, San Jose Newspaper Guild
Alan Lee, AFSCME
Tom Napoli, Former President, California Association of Professional Scientists
Darren Parker, CWA, CDP Regional Director
Chuck Valdes, CalPERS Board

Party Leaders
Cabrillo College Democrats
Sacramento Stonewall Democratic Club
Bill Bien, Treasurer, CDP Business and Professional Caucus
Alice Bulos, Founder, Filipino-American Grassroots Political Movement
Regina Carey, Marin County Central Committee
Ray Cordova, former CDP Regional Chair
Robert DeVries, Member San Diego County Central Committee
Maria Geluz, Co-chair, California Democratic Leadership Network (CDLN)
Paul Gilbert, Member, Democracy for America and SoCal Grassroots, Orange County
Brigette Hunley, Vice Chair, CDP Computer & Internet Caucus
Ro Khanna, Chair, DCCC Indo American Council
Andrew Lachman, Founder, Stonewall Young Democrats
Donna Patterson, Chair, Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee
Christopher Prevatt, Chair, Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club
Gary Robbins, Vice Chair, Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee
Todd Ogle, Activist, CDP Region 7
Anne Mack, Member, Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee
Teena Ferris Miller, Secretary, Irish American Caucus
Inman Moore, President, Arroyo Democratic Club
Carmen O. Perez, former DNC Vice Chair
Antonio Salazar-Hobson, CDP Controller (ret.)
Randall Stone, Chair, Democratic Action Club of Chico
Larry S. Tract, Sacramento County Central Committee and 10th AD (ret.)

Business Leaders
California Small Business Association
Faraj Aalaei, CEO, Centillium Communications
David Adams, Managing Director, Rocket Ventures
David Ai, Chief Advisor, Hitachi Corporate VC
Isaac (Yitz) Applebaum, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Greg Avis, Founding Partner, Summit Partners
Jim Baer, Principal, Premier Properties
Hank Barry, Partner, Hummer Winbald Venture Partners
Eric Benhamou, Chairman, 3Com & Palm; Chairman & CEO, Benhamou Global Venture
Denise Brosseau, CEO, Showcase Technology, Founder, Forum for Women Entreprenaurs
John Bryson, Chairman, Southern California Edison
Maurice Bizzarri, Principal, Venta Via
Dr. Bill Burke, President, LA Marathon; Board member, Air Quality Management District
Dennise Carter, President, Carter/McNulty
Mark Chandler, General Counsel, Cisco Systems
Mike Charlson, Partner, Heller Ehrman
Ken Coleman, Chairman & CEO, ITM Software
Gordon Davidson, Attorney
Dr. Aart de Geus, Chair & CEO, Synopsys; Past Chair, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Jorge Del Calvo, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop
Gary Dillabough Vice President, eBay
Donna Dubinsky, CEO, Numenta Inc.
E. David Ellington, Lawyer & Entrepreneur; Founder, NetNoir
Douglas Galen, Senior Vice President, Shutterfly
Russ Garber, MS&E, Stanford University
Charles Geschke, Chairman, Adobe Systems
Eric Greenberg, President and CEO, Innovation Investments LLC
Chris Greene, President & CEO, Greene Engineers
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Dr. Kamil Hasan, General Partner, Hitek Venture Partners
Talat Hasan, India Community Center
Doug Hickey, Partner, Hummer Winbald Venture Partners
Sandy Herz, Former Executive Director, Holbrook & company
Peter L. Holbrook, Managing Director, Holbrook & Company
Harry Kellogg, Vice Chairman, Silicon Valley Bank
Sridar Iyengar, President, The Indus Entrepreneurs
Karla Jurvetson, M.D.
Deepak Kamra, General Partner, Canaan Partners
Vinod Khosla, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Steve Kirsch, Chairman, Propel Software Corporation
Dr. Hsing Kung, Senior Vice President, Opnext
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Atam Lalchandani, Senior Advisor, Odyssey Telecorp
Chris Larsen, Chairman and Founder, E-Loan, Inc.
Erik Lassila, Managing Director, Clearstone Venture Partners
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Pascal Levensohn, Founder & Managing Director, Levenshon Venture Partners
Kathy Levinson, former President & COO, E*Trade
Dr. Ted Love, President & CEO, Nuvelo
John Luongo, former Chairman and CEO, The Vantive Corportation
Phil Mahoney, EVP Partner, Cornish & Carey Commercial
Henry Manayan, Esq., President, U.S. Operations, Culturecon Holdings, Ltd.
Alan Mendelson, Sr. Partner, Latham & Watkins
Brad Mindlin, President, Mindlin Real Estate Group
Manou Mobedshahi, President, Mobedshahi Group
Michael Moradzadeh, Retire, Intel
John Morgridge, Chairman, Cisco
Mike Nevens, Retired Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company Global High Tech Practice
Tina Nova, President and CEO of Genoptix, Inc.
Pierre Omidyar, Founder & Chairman, eBay; CEO, Omidyar network
Mike Orsak, Co-founder & General Partner, Worldview Technology Partners
John Ouren, Former Senior Vice President, Digital Impact
Robert E. Patterson, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
Gil Penchina, Vice President, eBay
David Quinlivan, Managing Director, Saints
Tony Ressler, Managing Partner, Ares Management LLC
Mark Ritchie, CEO, Ritchie & Ritchie
John Roos, CEO, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Harry Saal, Chairman, The Technical Committee
Robert Saldich, Retired CEO, Raychem Corp.
Ted Schlein, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Jessie Singh, President & CEO, BJS Group
Craig Tighe, Partner, DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary
Eric Tilenius, Managing Partner, Tilenius Ventures
David Tsang, General Partner, Acorn Campus
Vishal Verma, Partner, Edgewood Ventures
Chester Wang, General Partner, Acorn Campus
Casey Wasserman, Executive, WMG LLG
Dan Weinstein, Partner, Wetherly Capital Group
Alex Witherill, Director, CSFB
David Zinman, Sr. Vice President, Zinio Systems

Bob Carlson, Board Member, CALPERS

  • Titles are for identification purposes only

You'd prefer that he was beholden to big business like Angelides is?

Arnold is going to kick the crap out of either of them. As a conservative, it would be more entertaining to watch him kick the crap out of a pussy liberal like Angelides with the nomination of the Democratic party.

Oh, you are a dumbass.

Angelo Tsakopoulos, who is Sacramento's most prominent real estate developer, has donated $3.75 million. His daughter has kicked in another $1.25 million.

Forty percent of his contributors are real estate developers. I'm sure they don't expect anything for their money.

By SOME of California's police, firefighters, teachers, and labor unions. See above.

I'm laughing too hard to really respond to that. Using Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein as endorsements....that's just precious.

Working as the Chairman of the Democratic party is not public service. I didn't mention that Westly held positions in the Democratic Party, including Vice-Chair, and has been a Democratic National Committee member for over 20 years.

As far as getting Clinton and Feinstein elected, that's just a shame.

Phil didn't get a majority in his re-election, and only won by about 9%.

Those three sentences don't add up to anything. What is disgusting about the way he has spent his OWN money to campaign? Why is it clear that his goals are only for power? Why is he running ahead of Angelides? Are you and hspdr just that much smarter than the rest of the Dems in California?

Douchebag. hspdr, being the brainiac that he is, brought up looks:

"He also looks like if Arnold breathes in his general direction, he will be thrown back 100 yards (look at his picture and you'll see what I mean)."

It's actually "knewsom". How did YOU get that wrong? I went to law school in California. I left as quickly as I could.
What a nasty shithole.

When the big one hits sending you and your ilk sliding into the sea, you won't be missed.


The libs are unravelling fast under the onslaught of Reason. I predicted something like this a while back, somewhere. :slightly_smiling:


I bolded my question for your convenience - the entire point of my post was to inquire about what was really going on, as I am not a Californian. Your concerns over Westly seem to be mostly superficial and I wanted to know what it was about Westly that really made you consider voting for Arnold.

I wasn't suggesting you were wrong - just that I thought you needed to explain more.

You started the thread, I just asked a clarifying question. No need for the hissy fit, professor.

I realize you prefer an echo chamber, but some of us out yonder in the real world might a) disagree with you, or b) ask more questions on what you really think. I offered the latter - no more, no less. Most oberservers here are going to be non-Californians - you should have been expecting a few questions.

Well, who knows - perhaps out of conscience. Maybe he thinks he can really win. From the brief bits I read, Westly considers himself an anti-establishment candidate for his party, and anti-establishment guys tend not to wear the bridle too well from the party mandarins, as he considers them to be part of the problem he wants to fix.

Sounds to me that you are upset that he won't bow out and you fear he will split the vote.