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I hate snow!!!

Went for my Sunday workout just to do some back work (45 minutes max) and when I got to the gym it had been snowing lightly for the past 20 minutes. Get in there and the girl behind the counter says “you know we close at 3?” I tell her politely that I knew that and was going to do a quick back workout. She then asks me how the roads were and said she was going to be out of there at 3pm on the nose. I told her they were fine and ask her to switch the music to some hard rock/metal.
She does and I go down to the rack and set up for some deads. I do 1 set of 135#'s, then 225, 315, and 405. After my first set of 405#'s the music cuts off. I have 15 minutes left before closing so I go up to the desk and ask her what happened to the music. She then says Craig (the owner) told her if the roads were bad to close up. I look outside and there hasn’t been much change. I tell her the roads look fine and she just keeps doing her closing ritual.
My point is this. Don’t hire people that don’t want to work. She was just looking for a chance to get out early so I had to pay for it. Hell, the hours of my gym on weekends and nights are limited enough without the assistance of lazy employees that don’t want to work.
Sorry but had to get that shit off my chest. Hell, maybe it was for the better. 405 felt pretty heavy today.

Dude, the title of your post is wrong. You don’t hate snow, you hate lazy employees who use it as an excuse to get out of work :P.

I’d be pretty pissed too if some employee’s desire to go home early for no real reason interfered with a workout.

That used to happen to me all the time. At a couple of gyms. I would come in about an hour before closing and they’d say, “You know we close at 8:00”. Like they were trying to drive the point home that I better be out in plenty of time for them to close right at eight so they can get on with their important life. At one city rec center they started closing fifteen minutes early every night and sometimes thirty. This fat asshole would make some excuse about the city requiring them to be out of the building or something. It was total bullshit. They had the hours on the front window in vinyl, and I fugured that since they weren’t correct anymore I would scratch them off with my keys. Then I started just not leaving untill right at eight or nine or whatever. They never made a move to kick me out.

People should just learn how to drive in snow.

I hear you Uncle B. Live near Cincy and we just got our first measurable snowfall today. Maybe 4-5 inches. There are already closings for tomorrow and tomorrow night. One school has already closed on Tuesday! I’d like to ship these people to Buffalo or Chicago for about 2 months in the winter to get some feel for real snow!!

The other thing I love to see is the panic in people?s eyes at the grocery stores and gas stations. They act like they are going to snowed in for a month. A chick in front of me at the checkout had 3 gallons of milk and water. Asked “Got a big family eh?”. She said “No just me and my son but you can’t be to careful with all this snow”. You just have to laugh!!

Bro, I’ve been in the same exact situation. In fact, I too was doing deadlifts. I argued with the woman behind the counter for a minute, then I finally said, “what are you going to do if I don’t leave?” She just looked at me with a stupid look on her face, so I went back to finish my workout.

I bumped up my weight from 275 to 315, and made sure the clips were on pretty loose so the weights would make a lot of noise. Then I proceeded to SLAM the weights against the floor for three more sets, somewhere in the ten plus range for reps, which was kinda stupid because I was really only gonna do a 5x5 routine.

Anyway, it was loud as hell, I felt like an asshole, and I slept really good that night. HAHA. The funny thing was that as I passed by her on the way out, she threatened me by saying, “you’re lucky, I was just about to call the cops.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Fat bitch should have thanked me for showing her how to not be lazy,

Move to Cali!!! No snow on my way to the gym! Even had to put my sunglasses on today.

you make me sick! (in a good way). Come on spring and summer!!!

I have to say that sucks. However, it isn’t shit compared to the faggotry that my old gym used to pull. Picture this: It the middle of the summer, on a sunday. It’s not raining. It’s not a holiday. Nothing is out of the ordinary. The sign on the door says in bold red letter Sundays 7:00 to 5:00. You show up at about 10 after 4. Walk up to the doors wondering why you don’t notice any lights, and see its locked. This happened more than once. When I made mention of it to someone working the counter they said “There was nobody in woring out.” I’d hate to have been the first guy to have grabbed that door handle when they opened the next morning:-)

Sick huh. At least it’s in a good way! I think I jinxed myself. Today is gloomy but still no snow!

Worse is in the morning. If I get up in the morning at 5:30 so I can get there by 6 for an early workout, I don’t really like waiting for about half an hour or an hour so the clerk can get in to open the door.

Good thing is, she’s gotta deal with the pissed off people waiting for a workout. And the laziest part of all of this, is all she’s gotta do is unlock the door, and turn the lights on. She can go to sleep on the counter right afterwards for all anyone in the morning cares.

Wideguy-"faggotry"LOL hilarious!
You are evil dude, fucking evil!
Ericka- glad it’s gloomy. You deserve it for making me feel so shitty. Hahaha!

My gym does not have that problem luckly. It is owned by the city and when you become a member you get a key and can go in anytime of day and everyday of the year

I may have sunshine most of the time, but I do have serious issues with my gym’s childcare schedule. Being a single mom working usually 50 hours per week it is challenging getting into the gym consistently. On top of that they have raised their prices for childcare and shortened the available hours. In fact it isn’t even open on Friday evenings, or Saturday afternoons or Sunday at all.

work is just that WORK. People should definitely be on time, and should definitely close on time. But there is no need for them to be there later than close. Those are the hours posted, you joined, deal with it.
Now as for the driving in snow part. Most people cant drive worth shit when its a perfectly nice day, let alone any bad weather. And people who drive SUVS are the worst, they think 4 wheel drive means they can do whatever. Driving in snow is not safe, plain and simple. Yeah, taking it very slow and paying attention goes along way, but I will be damned If I get killed on my way home from work. I love driving in the snow, but when bosses are greedy and make you stay till normal times in bad weather, then I get pissed.
Now the shit Wideguy dealt with is bullshit. If its nice out, then you must stay open for your members, or member.

I feel for you. Being a single Mom is one of the hardest things to do. I still feel for my ex when we talk about what is going on in the household on a daily basis. You don’t work a 40 hr week as you are always “at work” even when at home. I commend you for finding the time to take care of your body instead of coming up with excuses not to. That would be so much easier to do.

Thanks. I appreciate it!

Common now, snow’s great, well when the banks are a few feet high out in the boone docks anyway. Then you can slide all over the road and not worry about a thing. I think everyone should buy a ski-doo and use them instead of cars during the winter in snowy climates since they’re safer in my opinion. Too bad it’s illegal to run 'em on the roads, damn pigs.

What’s bad is when places like Southern California or Phoenix get their yearly good rain and the road gets soaked. People act like it’s the end of the world and start driving 5 mph or crashing into each other, jumping of buildings, etc. They can’t handle it. “Was it chubby rain?”

Pretzel never been to Phoenix but Home Office is there and I will be there soon.
Good info bro!