I Hate People

Why o why did the power rack have to be taken by 2 people alternating curls for 8 sets each.

I even brought it up that the rack should not be used for curls… they stayed.

i was pissed to say the least.
next time i wont be nice and just ask them to leave the rack.


fucking hate people sometimes

put this on the SRC thread next time. And unfortunately you know there will be next time.


what a bunch of idiots

you think thats bad try haveing a personal trainer have a 60-70 year old woman do super setts with the bench and the preacher curl station mind you the bench is just a place to set her watter bottle and do 25lb spotted scull crushers while the personal trainer talks to her about toneing and to keep it light weight and high reps because she dosent want to get to bulky

the worst part is your useing the preacher curl station and she asks you if she can borrow it for a second

“sure why not you think”

what the personal trainer dosent tell you is she is going to take all your weight off and do sets of 30 and have chats on the machine like its a couch

I dont like personal trainers but woman personal trainers are the fucking worst! if you have bad form some how they think you are a idiot and if you do low reps you wont get bigger if you squat you are going to ruin your knees and back and if you deadlift you will die young of aids or something horible like that, soooo smug looking like they know something you dont.

but then again this goes for just about all personal trainers I have met

[quote]realpeanutbutter wrote:
put this on the SRC thread next time. And unfortunately you know there will be next time.



It’s so unfortunate too, there are extra bars at my gym in holders… for people to deadlift or w/e with. But yet, they don’t take one of those and grab their 10lb plates and just pick it up off the ground, honestly, if you can curl 65 lbs, you can pick it up off the ground like a deadlift.

anyways, thanks for the SRC thread.