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I hate NAAFA whining

Remember that woman that couldn’t reach “back there?” I pointed out that this might be a signal to her that she should lose a little weight. After all, she’s losing her ability to function in the world. Well, my post was deleted. Her response to the moderator?


    Thank you....I know that my response wasnt a "lady like" one, but yes I admit, it got to me. I felt as though he was pointing a finger at me saying, "Hey stupid, wake up your too fat". I was just looking for answers
    on a problem that I would never mention anywhere else. I thought that I could do this here on these message bords without criticism. Thank you for confirming to me that, that is the case. 

You know what? Wake up, stupid! Christ… nevermind… just wallow in your own filth.

Well, there’s a post from a MarkR that didn’t get deleted, and he said “You may need to consider a sensible weight management plan. Not a quick fix diet scheme (with the inevitable rebound), but a permanent lifestyle modification. Good luck.” The responses?

From SmilenDee: “Well Mark R, Thank you for telling me that I need to consider a diet. I would have never, ever, in my 33-years of life (30-of them which I have been morbidly obese)considered going on a well balanced diet or weight loss management plan. Who came up with this concept, God? No, it had to be you. I mean afterall, you know me, I sit around all day and watch soap operas, stuffing my face with cheetos. And when thats done, lets not forget dinner, which includes 4-hamburgers, 3-hotdogs (with chilie of course) about a 8-oz. bag of french fries, (which is fried in lard not vegetable oil) and polished off with a half a gallon of ice cream. By bedtime, I am really wanting that snack I so desparately deserve, I help myself to 2-sandwhiches that are fully loaded with meat, cheese, mayo, and mustard. Gotta have chips when ya have that sandwhiches, so lets pull out those cheetos again. Glad ya set me straight Mark, I dont know what I would have done without you. Boy, are you a Dr? If not, you really should consider going into pre-med, because you have found some amazingly new discoveries about obesity. Why, I am so impressed with your intellectual diagnosis of me, that I have decided that I will try my first diet ever tomorrow…after I have that last gallon of ice cream, of course. But, let me ask you this, have you not got anything better to do with your miserable, tiny, lifeless, cowardess existence, than to troll the boards at NAAFA to try to make someone “feel” as low as you obviously are? Pick on someone else buddy, because this lady would have to go along ways to hell to get to your level and I dont intend on going there. Best thing I can write to you Mark, I will pray for you----Dee”

And from Rainyday: “My gosh, Dee. Dieting never occurred to me either. So that’s two lives changed by his hit and run wisdom! I just can’t thank you enough Mark for clueing us in.”

And the last one from XLT: “Gee, you think this may help? Did you read this in a magazine? Oh, I bet you watched something on late night TV.”

While I do believe these people are pretty jaded from a lifetime of comments, unasked-for suggestions and such, I also believe their responses are a touch over-the-edge. For those wanting to see the source (I’ve lifted the quotes unedited), here’s the link:

http://www.naafa.org/discussion/ Forum34/HTML/000013.html

I’ve got another idea…instead of bitching about these people, why don’t you stay off their site and stop trying to cause shit?

Oh man, this one is better. http://www.naafa.org/discussion/ Forum1/HTML/000425.html