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i hate most trainers

your not gonna believe this one, then again you probably will. i have been training this girl on the side out of the kindness of my heart, wink-wink. the other day i was showing her the poliquin calve routine. seated raises, supersetted with donkeys, and then 10x10 standing raises. i taught her to pause at the bottom of each rep to ensure a proper stretch and reduce any momentum.
apparently the fitness supervisor at the gym witnessed this session and had some advice to add.
after i left he told her, “everything looks good except one thing: on the seated calf raises you shouldnt go all the way down because you can become paralyzed.” i swear to fucking god, that is what he told her. even better, one of the other trainers overheard their discussion and chimed in with “yeah ive heard that too.” he then explained that the muscle in the bottom of your calf can become paralyzed when you go al the way down, and then youll never be able to walk again.
i just had to get that one off my chest. quite possibly the funniest thing i have ever heard.

I’ve also heard that you will go blind if you masterbate too much.

Whats that??.. who said that?..is someone there?.. oops guess that one is true.
:wink: Groove

Of course, didn’t you know that stretching at the bottom of the motion causes a great deal of pressure on the common peroneal nerve which ties in directly with the sciatic higher up. Going all the way down can pull the sciatic nerve right out of it’s spinal roots thus paralyzing you for life on the one side. . .

Well okay, the anatomy part of that is correct but we all know the rest is a load of crap. Where do these people go to school? They give us legit trainers a bad name, a really, really, really bad name. I’ve got a Phys. Ed. degree and I get classed in the same category as these mooks. Ah, well . . .



That’s the funniest thing I ever heard! LOL. And the most useless. So if you can’t do the full range for your seated calf…do you only do 1/4 reps? That’s what I’d have asked. And then I’d ask if I’d be paralyzed if I stretch my calves while seated.

They’re a massive lot of retards, they are.

I had a trainer once tell me to never vary from 3 sets of 12. “You must reach a minimum of 10 reps each time or else the set is worthless.” I told him about periodization and he just repeated his 3 sets of 12 mantra.