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I hate meeses to peeses!!

Well, for the first time in my life, I have a mouse problem. I have at least one of the furry little bastards in my appartment, and he just won’t go away. I have six traps set, two with peanut butter, two with peanuts, and two with strawberry jam, but they just don’t get touched. I just saw one jump over the trap! What is my next option. I would try sticky paper as their entry and exit points are limited, but I can’t find any here in politically correct Amsterdam. And no, a cat is not an option. HELP!

Get a shotgun or if you are looking for a challenge, try a bow and arrow. Good luck.

Go to your local university & offer some engineering students a case of beer to chase them away.

Don’t forget bb guns, sling shots, and blow guns with poisoned darts. If your really good use throwing knives.

Actually, last night I set a trap with an open container of Grow! in the middle of my kitchen floor and waited with my blowgun and poison darts. All of a sudden the lights went out as one chewed through the electricity cables. By the time I got my flashlight, they had dragged the Grow! to the corner of the kitchen. Luckily they couldn’t get it under the fridge, or I would have been really pissed! :wink:

Well in the cartoons they always use cheese! Try that! lol

I dont know much about mice from amsterdam but in the rest of the world they eat cheese, you might give that a try in the trap!

Take a plastic “bathroom” trash can (not a “kitchen”-sized) and put a small bit of peanut butter in the bottom. Set it upright near where you’ve seen the mouse or where it has left evidence. Next, fashion some sort of ladder (I used the small wire shelf of my dorm fridge) and put peanut butter on just a few rungs (we want the mouse to still be hungry). Put a little more peanut butter about 2" down from the top INSIDE the trashcan.

I caught 6 mice in college doing this. The mice climb up the ladder, smell/want the peanut butter, reach for it, and either jump or fall in. The tall plastic sides don’t allow them to escape, and you have a live mouse the next morning.

Put 6" of water in the bottom of the can and you’ll have a dead mouse that you can be certain won’t: 1)reproduce 2)come back or 3)tell his buddies about the great place to migrate to.

How long did it take to think about that? Or how many joints?LOL! That is pretty sweet if it works like you said.

Jeremy, not only does that solve an annoying problem, it gives me more PROTEIN, which can be quite scarce in a college apartment. Yeah! (j/k people, don’t get upset) Jeff

Thanks for all the great suggestions guys, but I think I’ll try the throwing knives. lol. I’ll keep you posted and maybe even post a picture of my trophies on the photo gallery.

Well, there are some ultra-sonic devices that are supposed to drive them away. I’ve found that they work well for flies and spiders, and they’re supposed to work on mice and rats. Also, if you can have a cat around for just a while, that might do the trick, as I’ve heard that just the smell of a cat will drive away the mice and rats. Can’t vouch for that, but it might be worth trying.

Also, if you you forumites remember from just a couple weeks ago, I’ve had some rats around my house. Well, I tried traps in the house, and never got anything there. But I have two traps outside – one with peanut butter and one with cheddar cheese. The peanut butter one hasn’t been touched, and I’ve gotten 4 now with the cheese one. These traps are within one foot of each other. You draw your own conclusions…


Kahuna, it’s good that you have advanced to the throwing knives. That kind of skill and precision is hard to beat. However, a friendly piece of advice would be to avoid upgrading to throwing axes or hatchets. They are damn cool but definitely not good for hunting mice unless you like having rodent entrails all over your house. even after being chopped in half a mouse will skitter a good 10 ft. Bwahahaha, as in my previous post I’m just kidding(about the weapons, not the mess).

Yeah, I don’t think the hatchets are a good idea considering the gap behind my gas cooker is where they come from. Well, that would probably get rid of them, but I don’t like the idea of having to explain it to my insurance company! I’ve rebaited some of the traps with cheese, but still no luck. Out smarted by mice, how humiliating!

One of my friends recently had a mouse in his house. He baited a mousetrap with a small piece of pear last thing at night. In the morning - 1 trapped mouse!

Get a cat. Preferably one from a farm very young. Hunting is a learned behavior if they are not taught by mommy they are likely to be friends with the mice.